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A Splash of Color: 2013 Paint Trends

For the past few years saturated colors and mid-tones have been in style for interior home paint colors, but this year lighter and soft sorbet tones are making an appearance and marking the homes of today. It should be no surprise therefore that the color lemon sorbet which is a gentle light baby yellow is one of the most prominent …

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The New American Home 2013

The New American Home is an annual showcase that allows building professionals of all stripes to exhibit their work. It is put on display by the National Association of Home Builders and features the latest in contemporary design. For 2013, the New American Home features organic building materials in keeping with current trends emphasizing eco-friendliness. This home also has several …

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Our New Sign Is Up!

Our new showroom is coming along. We will be opening up right next to our existing showroom in case anyone is unaware. Feel free to drop in now and then and see our updates. We are aiming to be ready prior to Winter season arriving. Thanks to Lee Designs, LLC for manufacturing our sign!  

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Stay Cool With A Beverage Center

Kitchen beverage centers have become increasingly more popular in residential homes throughout the last several years. These beverage centers are conveniently located in the heart of your kitchen to provide you with primed beverages whenever you crave them. Whether you’re cooling and storing soda cans, beer or wine, a beverage center can provide you with everything that you’re looking for. …


Remodeling a Home for Resale

There are many different reasons as to why someone would want to remodel their own home, and sometimes people just want to create a nicer environment for their family when they completely change the kitchen or add an extension to one end of the home. On the other hand, there are a also a large number of individuals who decide …


Hottest Appliance Trends of 2013

     The kitchen is often described as the heart of the home. Designing a functional, trendy kitchen can make this all-important room the most efficient and trendiest space in the house. Today’s conscious consumers are looking for smart and functional kitchen solutions that are built to withstand long-term use. New technologies and food preparation methods have paved the way …