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Whether you’re starting from scratch or seeking to improve, always remember that kitchen counters do not stand alone. Aside from functional considerations, lighting, cabinetry, kitchen size and overall décor are also determining factors.

In general, dark countertops will be best with lots of direct lighting, while more mild colors will further illuminate kitchens that rely on ambient lighting. Always keep in mind how the material will interact with the cabinetry. A smaller kitchen with white walls and cabinets and a very dark counter may cause the eye to focus only on the countertop, whereas a closer match between counter, cabinets and backsplash allows other features to stand out.

It is also important that the counter material match the feel of the home. A country cottage with rustic motifs calls for a kitchen that highlights these features. Brilliant white marble would seem out of place, while a well-oiled maple butcher block creates an earthy feel.

One final tip: When in doubt, ask an expert! Remodeling a kitchen can be overwhelming, and the process will most likely involve multiple trips to the local home furnishing store. Information gained from your own additional internet research is invaluable in getting the most out of store employees, interior decorators and official kitchen countertop buying guides. A solid understanding of the basic options available will arm you with the right questions, all of which will help the initial vision come true.