Bath Accents

In many homes, the bathroom is one part of the house where comfort is the goal. Whether taking a quick shower before work or school, applying makeup or choosing the right clothes to wear on a first date, the bathroom plays an important role in many aspects of people’s lives. Fortunately, there are about as many bath accents and accessories available as there are people with ideas for how their bathroom should look.

Since people spend lots of time in a bathroom looking at themselves, it’s only natural that having the right mirror is very important. While there are plenty of plain mirrors available, most design experts recommend having mirrors that blend in well with the other décor. For bathrooms with double sinks, many designers opt for a long mirror that stretches the length of the sinks. This is a great way for couples to get ready for work at the same time without worrying about who gets more mirror time each morning, while at the same time helping to make the room appear bigger.

Even in the most elegant bathrooms, trash is inevitable. Therefore, the room requires a trash can that is also both elegant and functional. Many of today’s modern bathrooms are opting for cans that have ceramic tile patterns with metal around the top of the can. Considered to be an elegant and simple look, they add a bit of class to the room while also showing even trash cans can be beautiful.

While in the bathroom, many people step out of the tub or shower and onto a bathroom scale to see if their latest diet is working. However, today’s bathroom scales are far more stylish than their predecessors. Some of the most popular styles today offer clear glass platforms on which to stand, large digital displays and metal accents along the edges. So even if the weight displayed is not what someone hoped for, at least the scale looks good.

Lighting is always seen as an important feature of any room, and the fixtures that go with it also add to the looks of the bathroom. Many homes today feature classic looks with polished chrome finishes. One of the most popular themes for designers and decorators is a nautical theme, featuring fixtures that have round knobs, circular lanterns and various uses of white and blue to provide a unique charm that is comfortable and beautiful.

In some bathrooms where space is limited, finding the right bathroom cabinets can make all the difference. To solve this problem, designers opt for cabinets that fit over the toilet. Not only does this help with storage needs, but it also fills up a space above the toilet that is often used for little or nothing. Many of today’s cabinets have espresso finishes, giving them a weathered look that still looks fantastic in any home.

While homes depict the personalities of those living there, bathrooms are proving to be areas that can be decorated with style while still being quite functional.


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