Bathroom Design Process

Following a systematic bathroom design process will ensure the best results when planning your new or remodeled bathroom space. Bathrooms are small spaces in most cases, but incorporate a lot of elements that other, larger rooms simply do not contain. Think about the following during the planning phase.

Key Considerations of the Bathroom Design Process

How much space do you have to work with?

The amount of available space you have to work with is a primary consideration. If your bathroom space is just too limited for you to be able to implement your vision, then it may be possible to expand the space. Of course that requires some skilled carpentry. Otherwise, take careful measurements of all dimensions. You have to know how much space you have on each wall to choose your cabinets, commode, tub and other amenities.

What type of flooring will you use?

Ceramic is a very popular choice concerning the floor covering for your new bathroom. Of course there are various other choices including hardwood, sheet vinyl, vinyl composite tiles (VCT) and more. Carpet is generally not recommended for bathrooms.

What color will your walls and ceiling be?

There is an amazing array of color palettes available today. Your local paint supplier will computer match just about any color sample you can bring in. Or you can simply go through the palette swatches available. It’s always effective in bathroom design to include one wall that is painted in a contrast color. And it is also advisable in most cases to paint the ceiling with brilliant white ceiling paint. It has more white pigmentation than wall paints; it looks clean and helps to brighten the entire space.

Choose your fixtures with extra care.

Bathroom faucets and other fixtures are quite pricey. They are also hugely important for effective bathroom design. When you walk into a bathroom, the style and material of the fixtures will grab your eye as much as anything else in the room. There are many classy and attractive options available to select from. Consider brass, nickel, pewter and other elegant choices.

Go the extra mile for excellent lighting!

Bathrooms are often designed with small or no windows. Even in bathrooms with plenty of natural light, extra artificial lighting is very beneficial. In the bathroom, we need to see well in order to groom properly. The availability of strong lighting is a key to effective bathroom design. Also, there are so many stylish options available today. Go shopping and have fun!

The bottom line about the bathroom design process:

The bathroom design process can be straightforward, fun and rewarding. If you take the time necessary to plan the room before you begin your shopping for materials and amenities, then the entire experience will flow more smoothly. If you fail to plan properly, you are inviting an array of possible hold-ups – and a lot of extra trips to the home improvement store.


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