Bathroom Layout Process

Although designing a bathroom is rewarding, the entire process can be very challenging. However, if you follow a few basic rules, you can configure a layout that suits your family’s needs. The first step of the process involves developing a functional floor plan by determining your space requirements.

Space Requirement Considerations

You must determine who will typically use the bathroom, such as kids or occasional guests. Then, determine how the fixtures will be used. For example, if you have pets, determine if they will bathe in the tub. Finally, consider the storage space in the bathroom. To increase efficiency, you must design the layout so that you can easily access your most important storage items.


Three-Quarter Without A Tub

This layout features one shower and one sink. All of the plumbing is placed on one wall, which reduces supply expenses.

Full Bath

Most homeowners use this layout because it offers benefits to adults and children. Because the wall near the end of the tub is open, the toilet can be installed in a separate spot in the bathroom.

Posh Bath

If you have limited space, this layout is recommended because you can frame a large tub in an alcove. Also, because the shower in this layout doesn’t have a door, you will save money on extra hardware.

General Considerations

Installing different features that suit your needs will be quite difficult if you don’t hire a professional. Your existing wiring and plumbing will determine which features you can consider. If anything needs to be relocated, a professional can tackle each task fast and efficiently in the safest manner.

In most bathrooms, a bright light is often placed over the mirror. If you prefer soft lighting, a dimmer switch can provide alternative lighting whenever you are not using your mirror.


Sinks that are placed on the wall are the easiest to install. However, if you have enough space and a reasonable budget, you can install vanity sinks instead. While shopping, you must choose either a rimless sink, self-rimming sink, framed sink, or flush sink. If you need a place to store your cleaning supplies and linens, you should buy a storage cabinet as well.


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