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One of the most frequently used rooms of the any home is the bathroom. The bathroom vanity unit is the most noticeable and maximum used bathroom furniture in a bathroom. From cosmetics to razors, there are always so many small items that need ample storage space in every bathroom. Bathroom vanity cabinets help to increase the extra storage apace as well as functionality of the bathroom. Your choice of bathroom vanity or sink console, vanity cabinets and other bath furniture reflect your style and taste.

At Cabinet Genies showroom, we have a wide range of quality bathroom vanities and sink consoles to enhance the overall look and feel of your bathroom.

Let us transform your bathroom with top quality bathroom vanities!
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Floating Bathroom Vanity - Cabinetgenies Cape Coral FL

Floating Bathroom Vanities

Floating bathroom vanities not only give a stunning appearance to a bathroom but also create a neat and clean floor space beneath the cabinet. At Cabinet Genies you would find a remarkable collection of quality floating bathroom vanities to enhance the look of your bathroom.

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Corner Bathroom vanity - Cape Coral FL

Corner Bathroom vanities

In a small bathroom with not much room for storage, corner vanity cabinet work wonders. Cabinet Genies offers corner bathroom vanity cabinets with a pull-out rack to use the otherwise wasted space. Every day used items can be stored efficiently in the small area of a corner bath vanity.

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Single Bathroom Vanity - cabinetgenies Cape Coral FL

Single Bathroom vanities

Mostly, the single sink vanities are the key component of any small bathroom’s functional plan. Hence, single bath vanities are best suited for guest bathrooms or for the bathrooms that lack space.

We have got a number of stylish single sink vanities to choose from for your dream bathroom!
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Double Sink Vanity - Cabinetgenies, Cape Coral, FL

Double Sink Vanities

Double sink bathroom vanities not only look beautiful in a large bathroom but also provide ample counter space as well as plenty of storage space in the under cabinet. Especially relevant, double vanities are very practical for those who share the bathroom with a roommate or a partner.

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Bathroom Vanity Sizes, Types & Styles

We have a huge collection of bathroom vanities, cabinets and sink consoles at our showroom. Choosing the right bath vanity which suits your taste, style and your storage needs is not easy. Here are some ideas and details to help you to select the best bathroom vanity that fits your ideal bathroom:

Bathroom Vanity Sizes:

Cabinet Genies has a whole range of vanity sizes to fit a number of aesthetic and practical necessities of your ideal washroom.

24″ Vanities:

If your bathroom space is tight or you want to have larger space for other activities in your bathroom, 24″ Bath Vanity is ideal for you. Furthermore, with a clever combination of small vanity cabinet and drawers, you can store a lot of toiletries and other routinely used items.

36″ Vanities:

The bathroom vanities in the 36″ size are the most common and popular range and are ideal for standard size bathrooms. With 36″ vanity you can make the right combination of drawers and cabinets to get ample storage space for your daily used items.

48″ Vanities:

The 48″ Bathroom Vanity range is the popular choice if you wish to have a larger counter space for soap dispensers, lotion bottles and makeup items. In addition, you can access the frequently used items easily without digging around in the under cabinets and drawers.

60″ Vanities:

The 55″ and 60″ bathroom vanities are popular among large bathrooms. Typically, these double bowl vanities come with two sinks side by side. Each sink has its own mirror or mirrored above the sink wall cabinet. Most noteworthy, double bowl vanities are good for partners or roommates as each one get his/ her own personal storage vanity cabinet to store every day used items in an organized way.

72″ Vanities:

Next comes the 72″ to 114″ bathroom vanity range for those who like to have a luxurious bathroom vanity design. The 72″ bath vanity is the most common size within this range. These larger pieces come with beautiful, spacious and one-of-a-kind vanity cabinets as well as with a stylish sinks.

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Bathroom Vanity Types:

As an integral part of any bathroom, a bathroom vanity may not be expensive or very stylish, but it should be practical, useful and must take care of your needs. Therefore, these individual tastes and needs makes way for different types of bathroom vanities and cabinets. Our experienced bath consultants can help you decide which type of bathroom vanity or sink console you should choose.
Here is the comprehensive list of various kind of bathroom vanities and sinks:

Pedestal Sinks

A pedestal sink, often called free standing sink, takes very small space, is very useful and gives a clean look as well. Cabinet Genies provide a variety of pedestal sinks that come in all designs, shapes and sizes to fit in almost any bathroom.

Wall Mounted Sinks

A wall mounted sink can save a reasonable space and is a great choiice if space is sparse in a bathroom. It is often less durable but serves the purpose when your bath lacks floor space inder it.

Free Standing Bathroom Vanities

The combination of a bathroom vanity and a sink is called a free standing bathroom vanity. A free standing vanity provides a generous space for the often used items.

Vessel Sink Bathroom vanities

A vessel sink vanity is a stylish alternative of a free standing traditional bathroom vanity and a sink. They take little more space than a freestanding bath vanity but also provides more storage space for small items.

Undermount Bathroom Sinks

A sink, mounted beneath a bathroom countertop or often called an undermount sink gives a stylish and fascinating look to any bathroom. On one hand they look sleek and gorgeous but on the other hand they are little expensive and occupy a reasonable space of the underneath bath vanity.

A bathroom vanity cabinet is the most common style found in most bathrooms and is often preferred over a free standing bathroom vanity. Bathroom vanities and Cabinets come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles. Cabinet Genies, have a wide range of high quality bathroom vanity cabinets to choose from.

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Bathroom Vanity Styles:

Bathroom vanities come in many design styles. Choose the vanity style that suits your taste and caters to your storage needs. We, at Cabinet Genies have got a galaxy of bathroom vanities in different design style to match your budget and style.

Contemporary Bathroom Vanities

With a smooth, clean and geometric touch, a contemporary style bathroom vanity can add a calm and comfortable feel to your bathroom. Furthermore, a neutral, black, and white color scheme of contemporary bathroom vanity, combined with open spaces gives a look and feel of something new to your bathroom.

Modern Bathroom Vanities

Modern bathroom vanities and cabinets are the most sought style in these days. With the simple, sturdy and beautiful design style, a modern bathroom vanity can be the focus of your bathroom which is practical and functional as well.

Traditional Bathroom vanities

Traditional bath vanities are rich in detail. Most often, they feature floral detail while maintaining a classic bathroom design and are never look out of date. That’s why traditional bathroom vanities are a very popular choice for many homes.

Rustic Bathroom Vanities

The rustic style bath vanities are often made with natural materials like wood, stone, marble, shipwood, recycled glass and bamboo. As a result, the rustic vanity cabinets reflect the harmony between humans and mother nature.

Transitional Style Bathroom Vanities

The transitional bathroom vanities often reflect a combination of traditional and modern design styles. Therefore, transitional vanities have the rich wood designs of traditional cabinets and a simple, neat and clean look of a modern cabinet. Those who like to have a blend between traditional and modern design styles, mostly sought the transitional vanity cabinets for their bathrooms

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