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10 Amazing Kitchen Hacks!

Few people enjoy slaving over the stove for hours on end just to get dinner on the table. Sometimes, the most time-consuming tasks are just a lack of efficiency. Make the most out of your kitchen (and the tools in it!) by following these ultra-simple hacks.

1. Keep Bananas LongerEver get tired of your bananas browning too quickly? Instead of leaving them to wither away in the fruit bowl, wrap the stems in plastic wrap for a bunch that stays fresher longer.

2. Cool Your Coffee

Are plain ol’ ice cubes watering down your iced coffee? We know the struggle. Fill an ice tray with coffee, freeze, and then pop a coffee cube in your next cup of iced joe for cooling action without the watery meltdown.

3. Cut Potatoes Quickly

Potatoes are a nice addition to many dishes, and certainly make for a nice meal of their own – but cutting them up can be a trying task. Once peeled, use an apple slicer to quickly cut through your next batch of spuds.

4. Keep Bugs at Bay

Outdoor entertaining can be great fun, but having bugs land in your beverage is certainly not. Cover drinks with decorative cupcake liners or coffee filters, poke a straw through the top, and you’ve got an effective bug shield.

5. Softer Ice Cream

Want to always keep your ice cream as soft as the first scoop? Before replacing the lid, cover the container with a sheet of plastic wrap. Then, place it inside a large freezer bag and return to the freezer. The decadence is worth the extra wrapping!

6. Easy Egg Separation

If you don’t have an egg separator on hand, use a plastic bottle instead! Simply squeeze an empty water bottle over a cracked egg to lift the yolk from the white.

7. Peel Hardboiled Eggs with Ease

While we’re on the topic of eggs, how about an easy way to peel hardboiled eggs? Once cooked, place the eggs in a lidded container (a coffee can works beautifully). Shake vigorously, then peel!

8. No More Tears

If chopping onions makes you look like you just finished a sappy romance novel, try freezing the onion for about 15 minutes before handling. It will still be easy to cut, but it won’t release all those tear-inducing gases.

9. Sticky Measuring Situation

Before measuring sticky ingredients like honey, coat your measuring cup with a thin layer of cooking oil. The oil will help it slide right out with no sticky mess behind.

10. Reheat Pesky Pasta

Pasta can be a tricky meal to reheat. Form the pasta and sauce into a donut-like shape before microwaving to promote even cooking.

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