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5 Bathroom Trends To Watch For in 2016

When it comes to remodeling your bathroom, there are several designs and styles to follow for an updated space that looks contemporary. Updating the bathroom will increase the aesthetics of the room and can also slightly boost the value of the home. To enhance your bathroom, there are a few trends to follow in the coming year.

1. White Subway Tiles

More people are choosing to create a light and airy design in their bathroom for a modern style that looks clean. White subway tiles are being incorporated more in the showers for a modern design that is more bright. Geometric tiles and herringbone tile designs are also popular for extra visual drama that allows the bathroom to look upscale.
2. Double Showers

Bathrooms are getting a makeover with double showers due to less people who take baths. Double showers are spacious and are often void of any doors for a sleek and modern design that amps the appeal of the room. This includes oversized rain shower heads and separate handsets. This allows the bathroom to feel like a spa for a more luxurious setting that is still plenty functional.

3. Industrial Chic

One of the latest trends for the new year is industrial chic fixtures and details in bathrooms. The edgy hardware and fixtures create a modern style in the bathroom without appearing overly stuffy or cold. Gritty concrete is now replacing smooth surfaces for a stylish look that keeps up with the trends in home design.

4. Wood

Wood is making a comeback in 2016 with timber a popular material to use in bathrooms. The product is cozy and warm and can be used on bathroom floors or on the walls. Consider using it in unconventional areas for a modern look that isn’t a flashback from the ’90s.

5. Duckboard Flooring

More tactical finishes in bathrooms are a popular trend in 2016 due to the added warmth that they add to homes. Duckboard flooring is often used on boats but is now being incorporated into bathrooms for a cozy addition that is tranquil.

To enhance the appeal of your home and allow it to feel more comfortable, there are a number of styles to incorporate into your bathrooms. Although trends continue to evolve, there are a few for the new year that can be followed to create a stunning space that you can feel proud to show off.

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