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5 Kitchen Ideas To Watch For

Kitchens, like homes, follow trends and they can be an exciting investment to remodel or build. Cabinet Genies kitchen designers constantly moniters the best trends when it comes to kitchens. Below are the 5 kitchen trends to watch for in 2016.

Softer Colors

Although white will always be popular, many are changing the colors in their kitchen to less vibrant colors. Charcoals, pale blues, and other similar colors are starting to make an appearance in 2016. So if the color in your kitchen is bothering you, swapping for a more muted palette is the way to go.

Areas For Devices

We all saw this coming. New kitchens are beginning to accomodate areas for devices like phones and tablets. No longer are devices going to be scattered across the counter, but they will have designated areas where they can be placed. These areas will likely come in the form of hidden charging stations that are out of the way when prepping for meals.

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The 80’s Are Coming Back!

Except this time they aren’t so cheesy. Mirrored backsplashes and brass accessories are making a come back, but this time are they are made of more natural materials to eliminate the plastic feel that they had in the 80’s. Also, materials won’t be as shiny and will have a more satin texture to compliment the natural vibe.

Accomodating Kitchen Space

Many of us who enjoy entertaining spend a lot of time in the kitchen away from our guests. However, kitchens are becoming more and more integrated with living areas so guests can interact with the host in the kitchen. Islands where guests can gather and socialize with the cook are becoming very popular, and they will continue to be in the future.

Better Lighting And Convenience

A kitchen is all about functionality. This means new kitchens are having light strips installed along cabinets, shelves, and along the floor. No more lamps on counter spaces.

Also, kitchens are becoming more stripped down. Gone are the days of frill and flair, and here are the days of accessibility. Homeowners don’t want to be scrambling around through a cluttered kitchen, they want a kitchen that is easy to navigate, clean, and functions as a kitchen first and foremost.

Hope you enjoyed reading 5 Kitchen Trends To Watch For in 2016. Take a look at our Photo Gallery for latest kitchen design styles and cool trends.

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