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5 Things Your Kitchen is Missing

You spend hours in your kitchen and feel that you have just about everything you could possibly need to produce foods that your entire family will love. Some of these additional suggested items are equipment that a professional chef with a well-stocked kitchen would never do without. These are the 5 things your kitchen is missing:

A Convection Oven

Most families get by with a regular oven and a microwave. A convection oven is a real necessity though, especially for items such as bread and pizza. The foods are heated quickly and thoroughly and don’t lose their freshness or texture. Furthermore, the Last-minute items can be heated and served within seconds so your family does not have to wait.

Restaurant-style Floor Mats

Standing at the kitchen sink or next to a kitchen counter for long stretches of time can be very wearing. Invest in a quality restaurant-style mat that will cushion your feet and prevent fatigue and back pain. They are especially made with extra padding and support. This padding & support help you when involved in long or multiple cooking or baking projects. You can purchase them at restaurant supply stores, and they are now available in home and department stores.

An Electric Mandolin Slicer

The next thing in the list of 5 things your Kitchen is Missing is: An Electric Mandolin Slicer. Slicing vegetables and fruits with a knife can by inconsistent, hazardous, and downright tedious. An electric mandolin will very quickly and easily give you beautiful julienne carrots, paper-thin cucumber slices. In addition your french fries cut the way you like them, and perfect radish rounds.

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Colored Cutting Boards

Professional chefs separate the cutting and prep of fruits, beef, pork, chicken, vegetables, and cheeses through the use of colored cutting boards. As a result cross contamination can be prevented if the foods are prepared on their own individual surfaces. You can do the exact same thing if you buy smaller, more efficient boards to prepare your basics for the dishes you enjoy preparing.

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Dated Food Stickers

Finally, if you are an ardent baker or gourmet cook, chances are that you have a variety of fresh herbs, dairy products, meats, vegetables, and condiments to keep track of. As much as you are into spending time in the kitchen, there is no way that you can keep track of and rotate the grocery items you bring in throughout the week. Having these stickers dated and attached to all of your perishables will give you peace of mind and even fresher creations.

As you can see, as soon as you purchase and begin to use the items described in the list of 5 things your Kitchen is Missing, you will wonder what you ever did without them. Just these few selections will make your time in the kitchen even more stress-free and efficient, and your family will love the fresh foods you make just for them with the use of these helpful articles of our Blog.

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