5 Ways To Save Money On Your Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling the kitchen is a great way to add value to your home. Follow a few tips to save the most money when planning your new kitchen. The kitchen is one of the busiest spaces in your home, and planning is the key to a successful remodeling job. Updating the cabinets, flooring and island will give your kitchen a new look without having to spend a lot of money. Cabinet makers Cape Coral can design your cabinets to fit your lifestyle and budget.

1. Ready-to-Assemble Cabinets

This type of cabinet will save you money over the cost of custom cabinets or other types of cabinetry. They offer rich features that you would find in a cabinet that costs twice as much. Choose from a variety of quality woods, finishes and door styles. You can find beautiful RTA cabinets to fit almost any budget. You should also consider cabinets that have not been stained for a price reduction at home improvement stores.

2. Keep Existing Cabinets

The best cabinets for your kitchen may be the existing ones. There are many wood stains available to make revitalizing old cabinets much easier than in the past. If you decide to keep your existing cabinets, you will save a lot more money over RTA, custom and other types of cabinets. Changing the hardware may even be enough to give your cabinets a new look.

3. Alternative Countertop Materials

You can find alternative countertop materials that closely resemble marble, granite and other high-cost countertop materials. Determine the overall effect you want in your kitchen. If you prefer a modern countertop, then you cannot go wrong by choosing marble or granite composites. You will save thousands of dollars over the cost of marble and granite.

4. Island Options

There are hundreds of island options where you do not have to spend a lot of money. Your local home improvement store will have a wide selection if kitchen islands for approximately $500 dollars. You can also repurpose a piece of furniture in your home if it is tall enough. A repurposed island only needs to be painted or stained to coordinate with the rest of the kitchen.

5. Laminate Flooring

You can also buy laminate flooring that looks very close to real wood floors. They are easy to install because they have self-adhesive on the back of each plank. If you have pets and kids, then laminate flooring will not scratch like real wood. Laminate flooring is also available to mimic marble and other expensive types of floors. You can save hundreds of dollars by choosing laminate flooring for the kitchen. Read the instructions on the box for installation tips that will make your floor look like it was professionally done.

There are other ways to update your kitchen like custom curtains, recessed lighting and new appliances. If you cannot afford to replace the appliances, then use a good car wash to make them look like new. Consider the traffic pattern you desire in the kitchen when you place the island. You do not want to block the flow to the refrigerator. You also do not want direct access to the cooking area if you can avoid it. An updated kitchen can improve the value of your home and make it look better than before. If you plan on working on the kitchen remodel on your own, consider taking classes at your local hardware store for simple kitchen projects.

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