Building a Better Bathroom

Technology has been slowly making its way out of our kitchen and living rooms in order to enhance life in every room of the house. The latest room in the home to experience the technological boom is the bathroom. There are a considerable number of technological innovations hitting the powder room that are brilliantly enhancing its convenience and level of comfort. Below, you will find some of the most ingenious inventions to change the way you think about this vital space in the home.

Singing in the Shower

It is not hard to find a person who struggles when it comes to listening to talk radio or singing along to their favorite tunes while in the shower. The noise from the shower head typically drowns out all of the sound from any conventional device. However, the Moxie shower head that is equipped with Bluetooth technology is eliminating this inconvenience. This equipment allows you to beam your music and media directly to a speaker that is built into the shower head itself where it can clearly be heard. The Moxie is able to broadcast up to seven hours of audio at a time.

Spa-Quality Treatment

People will do almost anything in order to gain an extra bit of comfort and warmth in the bathroom during the cold, winter months. Instill your bathroom with a bit more luxury by installing the Dacor Warming Drawer. This luxurious addition to the powder room protects your towels from humidity while simultaneously warming them. The cabinetry can be altered to fit in with any bathroom design, and the danger of burning yourself on heated racks is eliminated as well. Step out of the shower into the warmth of a soft, heated towel using this innovative design.

In-House Entertainment

Many people have trouble working in the time necessary to catch up with current events during their morning routine. With the installation of the Seura Hydra Television, you can catch the Today Show or any other news broadcast while you are showering at the same time. The hardware can be installed at any height in the bathroom or shower and features a number of input capabilities. This device is also wonderful for unwinding in a hot bubble bath while catching up on your favorite television series as well.

Reduce Cleaning Time

We have all experienced the headache of washing our hands only to be left washing the faucet of dirt and residue as well directly afterward. Free your hands in the washroom with the installation of the Hands-Free Faucet from Moen. This motion-activated faucet features a brilliant, modern design while also offering you the most sanitary method for cleaning your hands before exiting the washroom.

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