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A Couple’s Guide to Reinventing their Bathroom and Relationship

They say you’ll never know your partner until you literally live with them. Moving in arises with different problems. Take it from me. The first year my husband and I lived together is the toughest adjustment period of our lives. We find ourselves arguing about the small stuff like, he’s leaving the toilet seat up or me taking my 5 minute shower to almost an hour or two. Venting out our frustrations about each other brought us to the conclusion that we should turn out bathroom tailored to our specific needs. Bathroom renovation is the answer. Here are the main points of A Couple’s Guide to Reinventing their Bathroom and Relationship:

Start with the color scheme.

We both wanted a modern look for our bathroom and the first step took into account in designing our newly renovated bathroom is the color and general style. Shades of pink or blue won’t be appealing to the both of us so we opted for a neutral shade like cream. To highlight the color, we used Oceania Stone Grey wall tiles. It gives certain pop to the whole room creating a contemporary effect.

Choosing the perfect sink.

Honestly, all my personal hygiene products occupy the most in our vanity unit and yes he gets mad sometimes especially when my razor blade falls into the sink. To stop the issue of me being the messy one, we decided to have a two separate sinks incorporated together which looks great in the aesthetic of the whole bathroom. There is will be no crossover from my stuff to his as we both have our own vanity cabinets with ample storage space underneath. Now, we can both do our morning routine without waiting each other to finish using the basin.

Your shower or mine.

We decided to have s double shower so that we can have our own space. We don’t have to take turns during bath time which greatly lessen the hassle of priming up every day. These walk-in shows work best in creating an organized streamlined look. To keep romance going, we have whirlpool bathtub installed for our own sweet little time together. This tub has a variety of massage options that is beneficial to both of us after a long day at work.

Love in the tub.

What I learned in designing a particular room for couples is that you have to take into considerations what both you wants. You’re not living on your own so his opinion on color scheme or type of cabinets is just as important as yours. I suggest going into a neutral color as it can perfectly blend with vintage type of ultramodern look. Good selection of accessories like towel rails, mirrors, bathroom sets and mats will add personality to the room.

The only exception.

By the way, the only thing we both share is the toilet. It is the back to wall type which makes the room clean and modern. We don’t have to buy two as we have to do it separately and alone in the bathroom right?

How our bathroom saved our marriage.

The designing our personal space doesn’t just make our house looks good and functional. It also helps us strengthen our relationship as married couple because we highly consider each other’s needs when we have the whole room planned and constructed. I guess he loves me even more now that there’s no clutter on the sink!

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