A Shade Whiter Than Pale: Cabinets In Any Color

The process of painting cabinets is very much like staining them, but there are differences. For one thing, types of stains for wood are limited, but the colors that a cabinet can be painted with Sherwin-Williams paints are almost endless. This means a cabinet can be painted to perfectly match the decor of any room. Many people refer to the traditional color wheel to help them pick the colors they wish to paint their cabinets. Though there are several types of color wheels, a basic color wheel has the colors, green, yellow, orange, red, violet and blue. Mixing two primary colors equally like red and yellow produces a secondary color like orange. There are hundreds if not thousands of gradations of color. There are also many tints and shades of colors. The experts at Sherwin-Williams can precisely mix the colors that a homeowner wants for his or her cabinets.

People believe that the best color combinations are contrasting, which means they’re at opposite ends of the color wheel like white and black. Another combination is considered harmonious. Harmonious colors are found next to each other on the color wheel like gray and blue.

If a homeowner has a cabinet in a neutral colored livingroom but it’s placed next to an overstuffed chair with a reddish orange upholstery, he or she might want to paint the cabinet a pale, flat olive-brown, including the wooden knobs and drawer pulls. To allow the grain of the wood to be seen, there should only be one coat of paint over the wood.

Another cabinet with a rustic dark wood countertop in a cheerful livingroom with lime green walls might be painted an interesting lavender color to echo the linen that covers an occasional table on the other side of the room or the print of lilacs on an upholstered wingchair.

A small, very modern kitchen full of stainless steel might benefit by not having all that gleaming metal stand out with such starkness. One way is to paint the cabinets a rich, semi-gloss chocolate brown and applying simple, stainless steel drawer pulls. A more coppery brown paint on oversink cabinets might be used in a kitchen that would otherwise be completely off-white, down to the appliances. A small cabinet in a corner of room with a pale decor will catch the eye if it has a distressed finish. This is when a glaze and base color are put on the cabinet and then the glaze is partially sanded away to show the base coat. It makes the cabinet look pleasingly antique.

Paint is incredibly versatile and can change a room’s character, while keeping your budget in check. Always make sure you ventilate the room properly, and wear the necessary respirator while painting. If you are not comfortable with the project, do not hesistate to call a professional.


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