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A Splash of Color: 2013 Paint Trends

For the past few years saturated colors and mid-tones have been in style for interior home paint colors, but this year lighter and soft sorbet tones are making an appearance and marking the homes of today. It should be no surprise therefore that the color lemon sorbet which is a gentle light baby yellow is one of the most prominent colors of the year and can be found in many different interior paint schemes. This light tone is best emphasized with pastels that match including vanilla, pink, mint, coral, and baby light blues.

One great color scheme for interior painting that incorporates these tones is the coastal theme. The coastal theme helps to expand and widen living spaces with light blue colors on the walls, light yellow or off white trim, and a darker sea blue or teal green as an accent. It looks great against natural wood and colored wood and is an excellent choice if you want to capture the gentle colors of the harbor.

A more antique look can be captured with the artisan color scheme that incorporates the same off white as a trim or accent but uses a muted light gray as the primary color in the interior color scheme. Accents include a rich mahogany brown and a muted yellow tan color. It looks best when wall hangings are kept in dark natural wood or dark black-gray colors. When paired with abstract art this look will make your home look like a piece of art.

Those who want a more traditional look should choose an interior look that is darker in tone standing out against the soft colors of 2013. This color choice is perfect for those who want a gentle but still somewhat dramatic backdrop to their home. The colors in the new traditional look include utilizing a dark navy blue or coral pink as a main color and the accompanying accent. Choosing either as an accent or base will create brilliant results. Compliment the colors with brown gray colors and a nice muted soft coral orange.

Another nice contemporary look is urbanite which sticks closer to the traditional off-white color that is found in many homes, but complimented nicely with navy blue accents, darker gray, and a nice dark subtle yellow color as a bold accent that should be paired with the gray.

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