Add Glam to Your Space with These Easy Tips-dreamstime_xxl_56457081-min

Add Glam to Your Space with These Easy Tips

4 Ways to glam up your bathroom design

The bathroom is considered to be one of the most important rooms of the home because of how much it’s used by both the residents and guests each day. To enhance its appeal and allow it to shine, it’s important to create an updated look that can increase the property value and appeal of the home. To glam up your bathroom design for a chic style, there are a few steps to take for a room that you can truly be proud to show off.

1. Add Wallpaper

One of the best ways to add extra detail to a small room is to apply wallpaper to the four walls of the space instead of using paint. Choose a pattern that has plenty of embellishments and looks gorgeous. Look for a style that has silver accents for a feminine look that will allow the bathroom to look more high-end. For bathrooms that are more modern, marble wallpaper will incorporate a natural material that looks gorgeous. The wallpaper can even be used on an accent wall in the room to prevent the space from feeling too small.

2. Install a New Shower Door

The shower door in the bathroom is one of the first features of the space that guests see when they walk in the room. Use this as a dramatic focal point that can enhance the aesthetics of the bathroom and allow it to look more glam. You can install a door that is frameless, which will allow the space to look sleek and more sophisticated. The door should also feature a modern handle for an updated design that amps up the appeal of the room.

3. Use Extra Sconces

An incredible way to make your bathroom feel like a hotel is to install fixtures that are unique and high-end. You can consider installing two sconces on the wall, which can be used on either side of the mirror just above the sink. Not only will this illuminate the small room, but it can also contribute to the overall decor of the room to look more put together and professional for the ultimate place that feels glam. Using sconces next to the mirror will also make it easier to pamper yourself and get ready each day with plenty of light.

4. Add a Framed Mirror

It’s important to create a focal point in the bathroom to draw the attention to a specific part of the area that stands out. Although the mirror above the sink can be used to enhance the functionality of the bathroom, it can also be used for added glam with its detail. Install a mirror that has a dramatic frame to make it look as if it’s not built-in or came with the home. The luxe detail can include metallic accents for the perfect touch.

Add Glam to Your Space with These Easy Tips-dreamstime_xxl_48270520-min
Add Glam to Your Space with These Easy Tips-dreamstime_xxl_59209564-min

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