Are Ready-to-Assemble cabinets right for you?

Choosing the right cabinets can make the difference between having your dream kitchen or an embarrassment. With so many different products on the market, it can be hard to choose. Custom cabinet makers are expensive; they will provide cabinetry according to precise measurements. Ready-made cabinets are available, but can be hard to transport without damaging them.

An alternative is ready to assemble cabinets. Your selected cabinet is in a box in pieces. Each piece is precisely cut and drilled for assembly screws or bolts, hardware and doors or drawers. All of the hardware required for assembly is included in the box along with the instructions. When your cabinet is assembled, install it the same as you would a ready-made model.

Pay attention to the materials used when looking for your ready to assemble cabinets. Ask a sales associate to open a box is a model is not on display. The construction should be:

• Solid wood is best; screws and other hardware will not pull out. It will not be damaged by water easily. These cabinets are very expensive; not many companies make them.
• Solid plywood construction will last for decades with proper care. Like solid wood, it is not easily damaged by water spills. The plywood is often stronger than solid wood and uses less bulk.
• Particle board construction is cheap and should be avoided. If the cabinet is to be subjected to regular use such as a kitchen or bathroom cabinet, it should be avoided. Particle board is easily damaged by water and is known for screws and other fasteners pulling out. Particle board’s strength is dubious at best.

Your search for durable cabinets will be successful if you put quality above price. There are manufacturers that produce products with high quality and sound track records. Some of the best names in ready to assemble cabinets are:

• TSG Cabinetry
• Bishop Cabinetry
• Bellmont Cabinet Company

These are only a few of the top manufacturers of the best cabinets. Practically any style or size of cabinet is available. They will work with any counter top you desire including stone or concrete.

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