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Bathroom Storage Design Tips

One of the most used rooms of the home is the bathroom, which is meant to serve as an area where you can use the restroom and get ready each day. From blow dryers to automatic razors, there are often plenty of items that need to be stored in the small space. To increase the functionality of the bathroom with extra storage that is used, there are a few ways to organize your personal belongings to make it feel less cluttered.

Use Corner Cabinets

When the bathroom space is cramped, extra cabinets are known to work wonders when there’s not much room to install more storage options. A contractor can install corner cabinets that come with a pull-out rack to use space that would otherwise be wasted. This makes it easier to fit more hair tools and products in a tiny area for easy access to items that are used every day and are within reach.

Hang Vertical Wall-Mounted Shelves

An easy way to add extra decor in the bathroom while having an extra storage option is by adding vertical wall-mounted shelves above the toilet or next to the vanity. This will make it easy to have somewhere to place extra towels, toilet paper, candles, toiletries, and make-up. The vertical design of the shelves allows the empty wall space to be used while enhancing the contemporary style of the bathroom.

Install Shower Storage

The shower is a great place to hide extra shampoo bottles, soap, back brushes, and pompous stones. You can even place extra bottles that are not yet in use in the shower. Keep the bathroom clutter-free by installing extra shelves or racks in the shower for a discrete way of keeping everything you need as you bathe in one place and easy to find. This prevents having to place the items on the floor of the shower where they can easily get knocked over and spill.

Use a Large Vanity

The larger your vanity is in the bathroom, the more space you’ll have to store extra items that you’ll need throughout the day whether you’re getting ready or freshening up. Although the storage area under the sink can easily become cluttered, you can organize it and make it easier to find certain products by using containers. Group like items in each container and label the boxes to ensure that you can find your favorite mascara or round brush in a matter of seconds. This will make it easy to avoid digging around for what you need for an easier way of getting in and out of the bathroom in a shorter amount of time.

With a larger vanity, you’ll also have more countertop space to store makeup caboodles, soap dispensers, and lotion bottles. This will prevent things from falling on the floor as you get ready each morning.

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