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Bathroom Vanity Design and Color Trends 2014

Bathroom Vanity Design and Color Trends 2014

The bathroom is a high traffic area in the home, which is why when choosing a house, the more bathrooms the better. The bathroom doesn’t have to be a place solely for scurrying to get ready in the morning. It should be a place of comfort and relaxation in which people fight over because of its visually pleasing decor rather than to just take a shower. 2014 fashion trends focus around consistency, performance and sharp accents. Renovating the bathroom is one of the most worthwhile investments you can make for your home. So get the bubble bath ready and enjoy the weekly newspaper in these hot bathroom designs!Black Is Back!
Add black to components such as tubs, faucets, lighting and tile to really bring a bold contrast to a typically ordinary room. A white bathroom can easily be changed from dull and simple to deep and dramatic with this dark color. This incorporates a somewhat modern industrial style while still promoting and accentuating elegant shapes. When positioned against white backgrounds, the contours of the tubs, faucets and lights become an even bigger centerpiece.Matte Tiles In Greiges and Light Hues Of Neutral
The all-white bathroom may be an enduring, conventional style, but those looking for a bathroom design with a bit more class should incorporate neutral matte tiles into your bathroom. There are a wide variety of beautiful tiles now available in a smooth, fine matte finish of concrete in hues ranging from soft greys to off-blacks. These tiles look great on both the floor and the walls of your shower.

Curbless Showers
In 2014, we are seeing a constant, clean look reflected in showers. Flooring that continues directly into the shower, rather than ending at a shower curb, provides a seamless and attractive approach to bathroom decor–especially when displayed in a small bathroom. Don’t worry about getting water all over the floor, for there are some really modern designs in which the floor drain is positioned directly under the glass rather than centered in the shower. These are the kind of details that make for a beautiful and practical space.

Floating Vanity
Elevating a vanity off the floor and removing the legs is a simple and sleek way to create a more roomy effect. It’s also quite functional and allows you to highlight beautiful flooring. Paneled doors can offer lots of storage for smaller spaces.

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