Bergen County NJ Landscape Designer Wins 2013 Best Gunite Pool

Mahwah, NJ (PRWEB) November 12, 2013

On October 18th, 2013, the Northeast Spa and Pool Association (NESPA), held its annual Outstanding Achievement Awards Dinner; and nearly 200 entries from pool builders located in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut were submitted. This year, Cipriano Landscape Design, a luxury gunite pool builder based in Bergen County, NJ, was awarded the Best Gunite Swimming Pool Award, for their design and completion of The Violin Pool in Westchester County, NY. This was the second time within the last six years that the firm was honored with this distinguished award.

The original design ideas for the violin pool were conceived when Cipriano Landscape Design was approached by a homeowner who is both an amateur violin player and collector, who wished to incorporate his love of violins with his desire for a swimming pool. It was then decided that the pool would be an exact replica of a 1700s era Stradivarius violin, and that the pool would display all of the most crucial attributes of a violin, including strings, a chinrest, a tail piece, a purfling, f-holes, and a bridge.

The finish of the violin pool is one of its most dazzling features, and catches the eye almost immediately. The pool is completely finished with nearly half a million translucent glass tiles, which were assembled in a noteworthy 4-way gradient design. Customarily, the gradient color blend of glass tiles only transitions in one or two directions when starting from a centerline. The gradient tile blend in the violin pool however, transitions in every direction. To complete this endeavor, Ciprianos Landscape Architecture Office had to correspond closely with the glass tile manufacturer, and assigned gradient values from 1-15 based on the tiles specific gradient transition. Each tile sheet was then mapped out on the floor of the pool using an Auto CAD. During the installation, one of the Ciprianos professional installers was on hand the entire time to adjust the tiles so that the tiles colors transitioned smoothly from the middle of the pool to its various distant walls.

At night, the pool is beautifully illuminated by two custom light sources. Firstly, Ciprianos Landscape Architecture office designed a 350-foot fiber optic rope lighting system, which surrounds the entire perimeter of the pool. The rope lighting was designed specifically so that the swimmers in the pool cannot see it during the daytime. Additionally, the Strings of the violin are composed of jet-black glass tiles that are interlaced with 5760 strands of fiber optics. During the day, the strings provide a beautiful color contrast to the rest of the pools glass tiles, as well as define the lap lanes. At night the fiber optics in the strings light up creating a luminary marvel and also continue to define the lap lanes.

Two other complex features of the violin pool are the 12-person perimeter overflow spa, and the koi ponds. The perimeter overflow spa, represents the chinrest of the violin, and is also finished in jet-black glass tiles. The water within the spa seems to perpetually overflow into the surrounding pool and through the patio stone, but the water is actually re-circulated from the pool. The 2 koi ponds symbolize the bow of the violin, which crosses the pool at the violins neck. The fish filled ponds are visible from inside the pool through two acrylic panels. The view of the ponds from outside the pool are quite pleasing as well, due to levels built throughout the ponds which host water lilies, irises, and other various aquatic plants. At night, the pond further features its own lighting spectacle–250 fiber optic star-lights.

Ciprianos team wasnt finished once the pool was completed, We focus on each project as a whole, explained Chris Cipriano, the President of Cipriano Landscape Design. We wanted to ensure that the entire landscape embodied the musical theme and that every feature complimented one another. We installed every component of this project, from the pool, outdoor kitchen, stone patios and walls, to the lush plantings and the surrounding lighting features. Ciprianos designers and architects enhanced the landscape surrounding the violin pool by creating complex floral patterns composed primarily of boxwood hedges, which seem to gently flow away from the pool towards the lush plantings layers. The property also features several mature specimen trees, most notably a 30 by 30 Japanese Bloodgood Maple tree which anchors the pool area and radiates with its reddish maroon color providing an gorgeous color contrast to the backdrop of native green trees.

Surrounding the violin pool, Ciprianos professional masons installed an intricate patio, with custom inlays and borders, which delineated the different entertaining spaces. The patio also features a radiant heating system, which is a great feature that truly prolongs the use of the outdoor amenities well after the summer warmth dissipates. Another great entertaining space is the natural stone outdoor kitchen and bar. The steel and stone kitchen provide the homeowners with every amenity that an interior kitchen typically delivers, including a sink, trash compactor, refrigerator, 2 warming draws, and more. It also features a 60 built in television with a surround sound system. When its not in use, the outdoor television can be completely lowered into the structure maintaining the picturesque view of the landscape.

The outdoor lighting options are also very advanced on this project. Low voltage LED path lights, well lights, and spot light lights, were utilized throughout the property, which are 75% to 90% more energy efficient than the standard low voltage fixture. The inconspicuous under mounted wall cap fixtures on this project are one of our favorites, and are great for preserving a clean, minimalist look that allows the stonework to remain the focal point. This state of the art landscape lighting systems also includes iPhone controls for the on/off functions and to change the light colors in the fixtures.

Overall, the Bedford, NY, Violin Pool attained a host of other honors in addition to the Best Gunite Pool Award, including the Peoples Choice Award, the Gold Award for Glass Tiled Pools, as well as the Best in Competition Award. The difficulties that Cipriano Landscape Design encountered throughout the design and building processes were numerous, as this was truly unchartered territory as far as building luxury pools is concerned. The completed landscape with the accompanying Violin Pool cannot merely be described using words, as the astounding finished product is one that truly speaks for itself.

Celebrating over 24 years in business, 15-time international award winner Cipriano Landscape Design distinguishes themselves from all other swimming pool & landscaping companies with their extensive knowledge and experience. The Mahwah, NJ company provides more than just a pool installation. As a recognized national leader in gunite residential & commercial landscaping, masonry, swimming pools and water features, the NJ firm has been offering complete transformations since 2001. With a design office headed by 15-year-veteran, Certified Landscape Architect William Moore, the Cipriano team has won over 80 awards of excellence and in 2013 was named By Pool And Spa News to the Top 50 Pool Builders.

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