The Best Closet Organizer Systems of 2023


The Best Closet Organizer Systems of 2023

Keeping your closet organized is not always easy, but there are a wide variety of organization tools available that can help you fit more into your space and keep your clothing and accessories neat. From shelves and racks to reach-in closet systems and closet systems with drawers, you have dozens of potential options for configuring your closet space and getting the most out of even a small space. At Cabinet Genies, we offer expert guidance to help you discover the ideal closet system for your needs. Here's a rundown of the top closet systems, detailing how each type of closet organizer system can enhance your space and how each kind of closet organizer system can enhance your storage area. 

Shelf Organizers

Your closet's clothes bar only has so much space and is not an efficient option for storing most types of accessories, which means that shelf organizers play an important role in making the most of the empty space above, below, and next to your main hanging space. Some of the most common types of shelf organizers that work well in closets include: 

  • Shoe shelves that keep your shoes upright and in neat rows at the bottom of your closet
  • Floating shelves that can be attached to nearly any free wall space to hold baskets or add more space for smaller items 
  • Hanging shelves that attach to your clothes bar and add more vertical space 
  • Built-in shelves that add more permanent storage space, which can be particularly beneficial in large walk-in closets
  • Corner shelves that make the most of areas that can be more difficult to fill 
  • Rotating corner shelves that fit even more into a small space
  • Free-standing shelves that hold larger items or containers. These work best if you want them to fill the majority of the floor of your closet
  • Adjustable shelves that can be configured to fit into spaces with unusual shapes or sizes 

Closet Organization Baskets, Bins, and Containers

Baskets, bins, and other containers of any size and color can also be placed on shelves in your closet to corral jewelry, scarves, hats, bags, seasonal accessories, and other small items. The colors and styles of these containers can play an important role in making the overall aesthetic appearance of your closet match your personality. From fabric and plastic to wood and wicker you can mix and match these to blend nicely with the color scheme and interior design of the rest of your bedroom. They also provide a highly versatile storage option because you can incorporate as many as you want to fill nearly any space perfectly. 

Organizer Racks 

Racks can add more space to hang items without the need to attach another bar to your walls, and they work especially well in large closets. This option can be as simple as adding a small coat rack in the corner of your closet or as complex as rolling a full-sized garment rack into a walk-in closet, and it can be an excellent solution if you primarily need more space for clothing that needs to be hung instead of accessories. 

Ready to Tackle Your Cluttered Closet? Contact Cabinet Genies for Help 

At Cabinet Genies, we know that getting and keeping your closet organized can be easier said than done. Finding an innovative and aesthetic closet organizer system that works for you is an important step in making the most of your closet space and being able to find each item when you need it, and we are here to help you assess your closet and the items you store in it to determine the best closet system for you. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of various types of closet organization tools or to start planning your reimagined closet!

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