Best of KBIS 2017 – Kitchen and Bath Ideas

For 2017, the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida played host to the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show. The show has been held annually for half a century and features the most innovative products and ideas in this field. While the displays presented at this event are exceptional, prizes are awarded to those products that make the strongest impressions. A gold and silver award is given to the two categories of best of kitchen and best of bath. In addition, there’s also a best in show honor granted to the overall top achievement for the year. Here’s a quick glimpse at the Best of KBIS 2017 – Kitchen and Bath Ideas, the biggest attention grabbers.

Geoluxe Pyrolithic Stone

This entry grabbed both the gold honor for best of kitchen and the best of show award. Geoluxe is a synthetic marble product created through a patented process referred to as GeoMimicry. As a result, the resulting material, sold in either 20 mm thick slabs or 10 mm thick tiles, looks like marble. Geoluxe includes the characteristic veins, without the porosity that leaves it vulnerable to staining. SCG Group, the manufacturer of Geoluxe, keep the GeoMimicry process secret. But they do reveal that an intricate recipe of minerals subjected to heat and pressure form the basis. By varying the formula, various colors are produced. Most noteworthy, Geoluxe can handle acids, heat, and scratches.

The Galley Dresser

In the kitchen category, this offering from The Galley earned the silver prize. It’s called a dresser due to its superficial appearance, but it’s actually a kitchen workstation. This brings the sink and faucet along with other important kitchen operations into a convenient location. Built from fumed eucalyptus, The Galley Dresser is the brainchild of NuHaus design director Doug Durbin. In addition the dresser comes in four sizes with 13 distinct finishes and 9 hardware finishes.

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Neorest AC With Actilight

If it seems like many people spend too much time in the bathroom as is, this gold winner in the best of bath category is designed to lure them into an extended stay. The wall-hung Neorest AC with Actilight toilet by TOTO of Japan begins the experience with an automatic open and close feature. After using this komode, an automated washing system allows it to act as a bidet to thoroughly clean the occupant. Furthermore, the toilet bowl itself gets an exceptional cleaning through the combination of zirconium and titanium dioxide in the glazing and a UV light under the lid. Flushing is done automatically, and the operator can choose between the 1.28-gpf maximum pressure setting or the 0.9-gpf conservation mode. Finally, a catalytic deodorizer takes care of the last traces of the deed.

The Copper Shower Kit

The Copper Shower Company captured the silver award in the bath category with a kit that allows homeowners to give their baths or showers a makeover. The enclosure panels and trim made of solid copper will even work with an unplumbed bathtub. Remember, not only is copper the best material for you.

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