Best Tiles to Use in Bathroom Remodeling

Updating a bathroom in your home often means installing a new floor. The best choice for flooring in a bathroom is tile. There are a variety of tile options that you can choose to use in an updated Cape Coral bathroom. Review a few of the top choices you can consider for your project.

Vinyl Tile

This is the most popular choice of flooring material for a bathroom. The tile comes in squares that have an adhesive backing that makes it very easy to install. If you are planning a bathroom remodel, then the use of vinyl tile is a good choice. You can install this tile on the floor or wall an a master bath or an any guest bathroom in your home. This tile has a variety of styles and appeal. Tiles can easily be cut with a utility knife if a full-size tile is too big.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tile

Bathrooms with a ceramic or porcelain tile floor are aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain. If your bathroom remodel requires the installation of a new floor, then ceramic or porcelain is a good choice to use. These two types of tile are typically harder than vinyl and are also colder. One benefit to using this tile is that it works great if you want to add a radiant heat floor to the bathroom. Installing a ceramic or porcelain tile is not as easy as vinyl. This type of tile is resistant to scratching and the wearing that occurs over time from general use.

Stone Tiles

The addition of stone tiles is becoming more popular for a high-end bathroom. Stone tile is an option if you want to install a radiant heat floor. This tile is available in many colors from a variety of stone. You can choose from marble, granite, limestone(travertine), and slate. There are many textures available that range from etched to sandblasted. However, stone will require more maintenance to keep the material looking clean and fresh. One thing to keep in mind is that stone will cost more than porcelain or ceramic. If you will be installing stone tile in your bathroom, then it needs to be sealed and cleaned regularly.

Additional Information

Porcelain and ceramic tile needs to have a rating that indicates it can be used on floors. The grade for porcelain tile to use on Cape Coral bathroom floors needs to be a one or two.

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