Brand Highlight: The Galley® Sinks

Refresh your kitchen design and improve the value of your home with a complete workstation by The Galley®. At Cabinet Genies, we’re proud to offer the very best brands for your kitchen remodeling project. Explore the benefits of this brand, compare top products, and discover how to elevate your kitchen experience with award-winning designs and industry-leading kitchen sink products.

What is The Galley®?

The Galley® is a trendsetting kitchen workstation creator. Instead of a simple sink, these unique products offer an entire work area to cut, prepare, serve, entertain, and clean up all your food and beverage needs. Learn more about the stunning features and simple elegance of The Galley® products and discover the best option for your kitchen.

Whether you have a compact kitchen or a sprawling countertop, you’ll love the convenient features and quality design of The Galley® products. All of these products are proudly made in America and represent the pinnacle in kitchen engineering. This means your new kitchen workstation will last for years to come with a flawless finish and quality accessories.

These products use nothing but the best in terms of quality materials. Durable 16-gauge stainless steel, graphite, bamboo, designer resin, and other materials keep your kitchen looking fresh and working hard for years to come. If you’re looking for a dependable kitchen that holds up to large gatherings yet is simple enough for children to help out, The Galley® is for you.

Normal kitchen sinks take up counter space. This means you’ll need to find a balance between sink space and workspace. The Galley® products offer movable, interchangeable accessories to use your kitchen space more efficiently. Slide-out a large cutting board to use your entire countertop as a work area. Include a chef’s block and knife block to make the most of your space.

Once you’re done preparing your meal, swap out cutting boards for serving trays. Turn the same space into a serving space for a family gathering or elegant party with a garnish board, utensil caddy, serve set, or condiment serving board. These custom accessories set the one for the party and make it easy for you to serve your friends and family or create a self-service appetizer station right in your kitchen.

At the end of the day, slide all the serving sets to the side and pull out a wash set and drying racks. The Galley® Ideal Workstation products include an extra-large sink and convenient drying racks to wash all your dishes and let them dry over your sink.

All of these features come together in a unified look for stunning kitchen decor. The Galley® products aren’t just the main work area of your kitchen, but they can be the focal point of a fully redesigned kitchen. Inspirational kitchens start with inspirational products, so prepare for a new look with the right kitchen workstation.

Explore common products today to see how you can enjoy one or more of these convenient features. Don’t compromise between sink space and countertop work area, but enjoy the best of both worlds with industry-leading design features.

What are The Galley®’s Top Products?

A versatile workstation allows you to tackle many projects at once. Work with an award-winning design team to find out how you can tailor these elegant products to your specific kitchen layout. Whether you’re recreating your entire kitchen design or simply installing a new kitchen sink and workstation, check out these leading The Galley® products for your home:

  • Ideal Workstation 7S | 7D
  • Ideal Workstation 4S | 4D
  • Ideal Workstation 2C
  • BarStation 18
  • The Galley Tap

Ideal Workstation 7 series is one of the most popular options in the entire The Galley® product line. A full workstation for up to three people at once, this comprehensive kit comes with 11 pieces. Select your choice of natural golden bamboo, graphite wood composite, or resin options. The double-bowl style and the impressive number of accessories ensure you’re ready for any gathering of any size.

A great mid-range option is the Ideal Workstation 4 series. These stations come with six accessories and are great for mid-sized and smaller kitchens. Choose either single- or double-bowl variants to create memories with your friends and family. Add additional accessories to complement this elegant workstation for your special events.

Who says tiny houses can’t have luxury features? Choose the Ideal Workstation 2C for a space-saving option for particularly small kitchens. This workstation is also a great option for butler’s pantries, laundry rooms, bar areas, or prep sinks. This station still comes with five elegant accessories and is compatible with many more.

A great way to entertain your guests in an outdoor kitchen or bar area is the BarStation 18. This compact sink and bar kit is ideal for mixing cocktails, preparing garnishes, and creating memories.

The Galley® Tap pairs perfectly with the workstation. It is the only faucet that has been carefully engineered and manufactured specifically to work with The Galley® Workstation. This beautiful faucet’s functional design ensures it’s a perfect fit for the Workstation. Together with the Soap Dispenser and Deck Switch, the Tap adds functionality and beauty. It is available in six flawless Stainless-Steel finishes: Matte, Polished, PVD Gun Metal Gray, PVD Satin Black, PVD Brushed Gold, and PVD Rose Gold. Complete your Workstation with this thoughtfully designed ergonomic faucet.

If any of your workstations don’t have the length you need for all of your kitchen projects, consider adding a DryDock. From the Ideal Workstation 7 to the Ideal Workstation 2, a DryDock is a perfect way to increase the versatility of your workspace without affecting your storage area. A larger sink cuts into your cupboard and drawer space, but the DryDock is shallow enough to hold your The Galley® accessories while still offering a full cabinet of storage.

The best features of The Galley® workstations are their customizability and custom craftsmanship, making your workstation your own. Ask about ways to add accessories, DryDock stations, and other features to personalize your area. Dynamic kitchen workstations should be built for your needs and your cooking, cleaning, and entertaining preferences.

With a qualified design team, you can enjoy the best workstation for your personal preferences. Browse The Galley® collection for inspiration, then talk to a qualified kitchen designer to determine the best option for your lifestyle.

How Can I Update My Kitchen?

An upgraded kitchen is a great way to refresh your home. If you love to entertain guests, prepare great meals for your family, or kick off any other event, upgrade to The Galley® today. Find out how our team at Cabinet Genies can set you up with a workstation in your existing kitchen or completely remodel this essential area of your home.

A full kitchen remodeling service starts with a detailed design and a set budget. Use our online resources to compare price points, speak to one of our experienced designer, and design your dream kitchen. Our design team can work with you to think creatively about your space. Ask about adding a kitchen island, removing a wall, or rearranging your appliances to improve the flow and efficiency of your work area.

Contact us today to kick off your kitchen design project in Southwest Florida. Shop The Galley® sinks online or have our team set you up with the ideal workstation for your passions and lifestyle. Don’t settle for anything but the best in quality, reliability, and convenience in your kitchen. Work with our team at Cabinet Genies for a hassle-free installation of a striking workstation with dependable kitchen sink accessories.


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