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Breaking the Mould: Making Your Home Pop With Decorative Moulding

Spruce Up Cabinets Thanks to Moldings

One of the best ways to make an old kitchen look like new is with decorative moldings. These attachments can take your home from average to chic in an instant. The great thing about moldings is that they are not too expensive, and they are very easy to install. You just need to pick the right style to compliment your kitchen’s overall decor.

Your kitchen is where you probably spend most of your time. Therefore, you want it be open, airy, and pleasing to the eye. This will make it a great place to entertain or to enjoy when cooking for yourself. You have tirelessly designed your kitchen to perfection. However, there is probably one thing missing- the moldings. These seemingly obscure decorations can actually change your kitchen’s entire look. Delicate crown moldings can make a simple cabinet look like a work of art. Sharp edged moldings can make a home look more modern. As you can see, moldings are the crowning glory to the ultimate finishing touch to your kitchen makeover.

Choosing the Right Moldings for Your Kitchen

Crown molding is the most popular kind to use as it is simple, but ornate. You can use crown molding to open up the space in your kitchen. It is the little details like these that make your kitchen really open up because the eyes will be drawn up to the moldings. This is how designers make smaller spaces feel larger because they eye focuses on decorative elements as opposed to the actual size of the room.

If you prefer something less ornate and with rounded edges, then you should pick an ovolo or cavetto molding. An ovolo features a rounded edge whereas the cavetto is a concave rounded edge. Both of these moldings look nice around the perimeter of a cabinet’s door. Both of these moldings create shadow effects on the wall. Sometimes it helps to paint cabinets and moldings in different shades of the same color. This helps add a little edge to a room without making too big of a statement.

One of the most elaborate types of moldings are called cartouche moldings. These feature a panel that has an ornate scrolled frame with various floral insignias carved into it. These look lovely along the ceiling of a kitchen that is quite large. The eye will be drawn to the space above, and the larger expanse of the room can handle to decoration. If you love detailed decor, then a catouche is probably the best molding that you can choose.

The Finishing Touches

Interior decorating all about enhancing a space to look its best. You can use tricks and details to make a space appear larger or stand out. The whole purpose of molding plays into that concept. Molding can take your kitchen’s look into a whole new direction. Little details like choosing the right type of molding can make your kitchen into your own little oasis.

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