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Choosing a Countertop Edge Profile

There are so many countertop edge profiles that it would be nearly impossible to list every profile and combination. There are edge profiles for natural stone, man-made materials like Corian and laminate countertops. Each edge profile has its benefits and drawbacks. Some profiles are elegant and others are simple and have a contemporary look. It all depends on what look you want for your kitchen or bathroom. The more elaborate the profile the higher the cost. There are two levels of edge profiles: one is the standard edge profile category and the other is the premium edge profile category. There is usually no charge for the standard type edge profiles while there is usually an extra charge for the premium edge profiles. As the complexity of the edge profile increases so does the cost.

Some examples of the standard edge profiles are:

The straight edge: This is a very simple design where there is just a little curve to top and bottom of the countertop. This simple design gives a very clean look to the counter top and goes well in a contemporary setting. Since there is no elaborate design the countertop is very easy to clean. The people that choose this type of edge profile are generally people who love simplicity and the way it complements the cabinets and appliances in their kitchen.

The bevel edge profile: This is another simple design for people who don’t want to draw attention away from their high-end appliances. It’s a really clean design and really complements a kitchen or bath that has a contemporary flair.

The bull profile edge profile: This profile gives the countertop an appearance of massiveness. This works well with kitchens that have professional style appliances and large cabinets. This is great for people who want their kitchen to really stand out and give it an almost primitive style. It really is an attractive profile in a strong and massive way. If this is too strong a statement for your kitchen you can always opt for a half bull nose profile.

The large and small bevel profile edge: There is something very appealing about the bevel edge profile. This profile works very well in a contemporary setting. The large bevel profile seems to give the room a clean and inviting feeling. The small bevel profile edge can be used when you want that special bevel look in a slightly muted form.

Premium edge profiles: Premium edge profiles are mainly used when you want a very elaborate and beautiful design countertop. Premium edge profiles are a great way to draw attention to these spectacular complex designs. One drawback to premium edge profiles are that they may be a bit harder to clean because of their many lines and complex designs, but if you want something spectacular these are the way to go.

The best way to get a good idea of what each edge profile looks like is to visit a showroom and see them up close. It’s an enjoyable way to spend some time and help you imagine what they would look like in your kitchen or bathroom. Good luck on your countertop journey.

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