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Choosing a Shower Door: Use Your Imagination

In today’s bathrooms, tubs are falling by the wayside as showers take over. In fact, many modern bathrooms no longer have bathtubs in them at all, which allows for the shower enclosures to be larger and more elaborate than ever. As a result, the shower door has become a main focus of designing a bathroom to fit the personality of those who will be using it every day. No matter the budget size or design options, there are plenty of choices available when it comes to choosing the ideal shower door.

Sliding Glass Doors
One of today’s most popular options, sliding glass doors for a shower enclosure are considered elegant as well as practical choices. A good choice for those who want to have larger showers, sliding glass doors take up less space than hinged doors and can be made to fit virtually any size shower. Used in more and more of today’s newer homes, most designers agree you simply can’t go wrong with this choice.

Frosted Glass
For those who desire a bit more privacy during their shower but still want to have plenty of light shining through the doors, frosted glass offers all that and much more. Always considered a unique look, frosted glass is available in a variety of different styles and can be customized to blend well with the overall design theme of the bathroom.

No Door or Fully Enclosed
For homeowners who have plenty of space and a large decorating budget, having a shower that is partially enclosed and has no door is an exciting option. These showers, in addition to being very large and roomy, evoke the feel of a spa while using either rainfall shower heads or massaging shower panels to wash away the stress of the day. For some people, a fully enclosed shower may be their preference. These showers resemble a steam room, which allows for more privacy while also letting people relax.

Framed Enclosure
While considered somewhat outdated, framed enclosures can still be made to look quite elegant. A popular choice for those on a tight budget, framed enclosures can incorporate various tiles and doors to create a customized look that will add pizzazz to any bathroom.

By combining imagination with practicality, the right shower door can not only allow plenty of light to shine in, but also make the space seem larger and more elegant. Just remember that there is no one-size-fits-all shower, so decide what you want and then let your design dreams run wild.

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