Choosing the Right Kitchen Sink

Regardless to how you slice it, every single kitchen needs a sink and faucet. Many people fail to realize that choosing a sink and faucet isn’t always about style. Style should be secondary, while functionality comes first. The idea behind choosing the right sink and faucet is to pick one that can withstand years of daily use. It’s important that buyers think about how they use their kitchen sink. Once you have an understanding of how you will use your sink, you will be able to narrow down which kitchen sinks are best for you.

Many kitchen sinks are made from stainless steel, solid surfaces, enamel-coated cast iron and composites. If you are shopping around a solid surface counter or a like engineered stone or granite, it is recommended a stainless steel sink is chosen. Stainless steel sinks have the capability to be under mounted. And since homeowners are really hard on their sinks and faucets, stainless steel sinks have the ability to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.

Enamel coated cast iron sinks are still popular and still have a place in kitchens. They are much more pretty than other sinks on the market. But it’s important to know that enamel can wear and scratch over time. People who just so happen to be tough on sinks should consider avoiding these sinks.

Most homeowners are interested in choosing a sink that can be integrated into the countertops. Solid surface sinks have the ability to create a much smoother clean up area. Undermounted sinks tend to give a joint between the underside and countertop, which is why solid surfaces might be a great choice for people needing a much more integrated design. Solid surface sinks can easily be scratched and are proned to chipping but can easily be buffed out, making them easy to maintain.

Composite sinks are newer to the market but are great options for kitchens. There are a couple of different options when it comes to the types of composite sinks. Some composite sinks are made with polyster/acrylic. These sinks are much more affordable in price and also come with many different color choices. Even though this option is great for people on a budget, it’s imperative to know that polyester/acrylic sinks are far from being durable as other sinks on the market.

As an homeowner, it’s important to keep all of your options in mind. Choose a kitchen sink that is going to not only fit into your budget but give you the look and durability you need.

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