Coolest Kitchen Gadgets of 2017

Does your kitchen need a little modern flare? It’s time to get rid of those old appliances and utensils that you picked up at the second hand store and get your hands on the new kitchen innovations of 2017. Here is a list of the coolest Kitchen Gadgets of 2017 – latest appliances and kitchen accessories on the market.

Fred & Friends Taco Truck Set

Do you love tacos? Of course you do! So you understand the struggle of keeping your taco from falling apart and turning into a slop-fest that somewhat resembles a taco-salad. These mini-taco truck stands will help prevent this spillage with the support you need. Each set holds 2 tacos, so if you plan on having a fiesta, you might want to order a couple of these bad boys.

Super Marts Melon Scoop

The next item in the coolest kitchen gadgets of 2017 list is Super Marts Melon Scoop. This handy dandy tool makes your kitchen life easier when you’re preparing that epic fruit salad. This “scooper” actually slices the skin off that melon you’ve been meaning to chow down. It even displaces the seeds from all those juicy fruits that become so bothersome.

Uncommon Goods Hockey Stick BBQ Set

Every summer is probably bitter sweet for the die-hard hockey fans out there. But with this tool set you can pretend to your one-timing that patty onto the bun like “The Great One.” This BBQ set tool set is actually made out of repurposed professional hockey sticks!

Uncommon Goods Customizable Cookie Stamp

Uncommon Goods has created this cute tool to help you make custom stamps on your fresh batch of cookies. With numbers, letters, and shapes, these stamps can help make your cookies unique.

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One Click Butter Cutter

This nice little hand held butter cutter makes it simple to get that perfect amount of goodness on your toast or pancakes. It fits perfectly in your butter compartment in the fridge, or keeps it close by your stove for handy portions for that next stir-fry.

Tour de Pizza Bicycle Pizza Cutter

You can feel the wind through your hair as you meander your way through that deep dish. This stainless steel pizza cutter will slice through your crust like Lance Armstrong slicing through the Tour de France. And, it comes with a cool bike rack to keep your pizza cutter on display.

Takara Tomy Rapid Drink Cooler

Did your roommate forget to put the beer in the fridge again? Not a problem for the Takara Tomy! This battery-powered cooler can chill that silver bullet faster than you can open that bag of chips.

Cook Joy Gyoza Maker

Dumplings, everyone loves them, but making them is a whole other story. With this gadget you can be a dumpling master and impress your guests at the next soiree.

I Could Eat a T-Rex Spaghetti Measuring Tool

With this tool, you will easily be able to measure out how much spaghetti to prepare. Whether its just enough for a kid, or a helping big enough to feed a T-Rex, this tool will make serving pasta a blast.

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