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Creating an Awesome Dog Room

Our pets hold a special place in the family. Show them how much you love them by creating an awesome dog room that will cater to their every need. This customized design will accommodate their feeding, grooming and other doggie supplies in one organized space. Whether its own separate room or a shared space within the kitchen or laundry, a dog room can be a convenient welcoming space you both will enjoy. Here are some tips to consider when designing your fabulous dog room.

Feeding Area

Dog bowls can pose a traffic hazard if you lack the proper space. Consider building the dog dishes into the side of a kitchen island. They are out of the way so that no one will be tripping over them. Or hide them completely within a drawer. When it’s feeding time, simply pull out the drawer and fill the dog’s dish. After a meal it’s a quick clean up, and the bowls are hidden away until the next feeding.

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Grooming Area

No more baths bent over the tub. An island used for folding and sorting laundry can easily double as a washing station for your dog. You will appreciate having a sink at a height that won’t strain your back and all of your grooming amenities are tucked away close by.

Storage for Food and Supplies

Extra cabinet space is a great way to hide large containers of dog food and have a central location for toys and grooming tools. An island designed for washing and grooming your dog should have plenty of compartments for shampoo, towels, brushes and combs all within easy reach. Smart cabinets that roll out make the distribution of daily feedings easy without the heavy lifting. Proper storage will also keep your curious companion from overindulging in his favorite treats. Open cabinets are great for holding dog toys. Tuck them away in baskets and they are off of the floor but still accessible to your furry friend.

Rest Stop

The last but important point to keep in mind while creating an awesome dog room is the quite rest space for your pet. Throughout the day your dog will need a space to unwind. If your dog room is sharing space with a kitchen or laundry, consider a cut out from the island or peninsula to house the dog bed. Dog’s are pack animals and love to stay close to their favorite humans. Your curious canine will still be in view of all the busy activity but will have a quiet area to sleep and relax.

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