Creating an open floor plan for your kitchen

Cape Coral homeowners want their kitchens to be new, contemporary, and functional. A well-designed kitchen is open, inviting, and spacious. However, poor kitchen design makes the space feel cramped and closed-in. A smart kitchen renovation will make the space seem larger even if the remodel does not include adding square footage. One way to accomplish this is by removing the upper kitchen cabinets. Some people are hesitant to go upper-cabinet-less because they think that all kitchens “need” to have them. They are worried that they will not have any place to store their dishes. However, removing upper cabinets will make the space appear larger. In regards to storage, there are plenty of ways to store your stuff without boxing in your space with upper cabinets. You can display your dishes with open shelving or store them in a decorative hutch in your dining room. Or, after your remodel you may find that you have more than adequate space in your lower kitchen cabinets for everything.Upper cabinets make the kitchen feel cramped; removing them opens up the space. Getting rid of upper kitchen cabinets allows you to tear the down walls that separate your kitchen from the rest of your house. This creates an open kitchen design that allows the cook to feel connected to what’s going on in the rest of the house. If you have upper cabinets on a divider wall between the kitchen and the rest of the house or above a peninsula, tearing them down can be the best decision you’ve ever made.Having no upper cabinets in the kitchen is a fast-growing trend because upper cabinets make the kitchen feel smaller. More homeowners in Cape Coral are ditching their upper cabinets for a more modern open design.

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