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Design Trend: Texture and More Texture


No matter what colors you’ve chosen for your home, texture adds depth, comfort and interest.

All décor has a texture of some sort. Glass and stainless steel are slick textures; corduroy and faux fur are deep textures. For the modern look, about 20 percent of your overall décor should be in deep textures. If you want a more traditional home, try for 60 percent.

All surfaces, furniture, accents and fabrics can be used to create texture. The trendy all-white décor needs prominent deep texture for interest and balance, and to add a “pop” that’s not color.

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Texture is easy to find in pillows, wall art, coffee-table sculptures, throws and rugs. Think bigger and opt for tufted furniture designs, or wicker furniture.

It’s texture that makes your home inviting and cozy. For walls, choose weavings, tapestries, quilts or deep gallery canvases. For countertops, choose granite or marble. Jute and shag rugs instantly add texture.

Simple Ways to Add Textures to Your Home

Deep textures don’t have to be expensive. Textural design can be brought into your home in simple ways.

  • Bead board and wainscoting
  • Faux fur couch throw or rug
  • Velvet-upholstered chair
  • Lace curtains and sheers
  • Vintage chandeliers
  • Detailed ceilings and moldings

To bring texture to a bedroom, focus on the headboard. Upholstered headboards can be tufted or of deeply textured fabric. Wood headboards can be paint-washed to bring out the natural texture. Try hanging a lace curtain behind the bed. You could choose a pin-tucked duvet instead, but don’t overdo it with both.

Bring Nature inside Your Home with Unexpected Natural Textures

Bring nature inside with hanging ivy and potted floor plants throughout your home. Think outside of the box and add unexpected natural textures.

  • feathers
  • tree bark
  • seashells
  • stones
  • twigs and branches

Walls can be textured, too. Try striking tile, or a grass cloth accent wall. For DIY, cover baseboards and door frames with thick rope. Wallpaper is definitely trending, so try a textured wallpaper in an unexpected place.

Once you can see how much the depth a texture brings to your room, decorating becomes easier. You’ll suddenly see things in a new light – focusing on texture instead of color. Design trends show even more texture this year, so you’ll know you’re going in the right direction.

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