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Designing for Pets

For some people, owning a pet is a chore. For the rest of us, we welcome our furry friends into our lives as part of our family. This includes thinking of them when remodeling a kitchen. These unique cabinet ideas and designs can be implemented to accompany their needs.

If your kitchen remodel calls for an island, consider using the end of the island as a built in area to hold food and water bowls. The floor of the counter is raised on the bottom so that it creates a level surface with the rim of the bowls. This custom cabinet can be further enhanced with dog bone shaped drawer pulls for the storage drawers above.For those pet owners who have larger dogs, a great solution is a pull out drawer that hides the food dishes and raises them off the ground. This bottom cabinet drawer opens up to reveal the dishes that are elevated to a level that is comfortable for the pet to access. When feeding time is over or company arrives, this drawer can be shut to make the feeding area invisible.

To store the food, stylish stainless steel storage bins can be used for keeping large amounts of food out of plain sight. Smaller containers can be stored inside of cabinets for holding treats or food, keeping them fresh longer.

If your space has an awkward cabinet, create an under cabinet space. Remove doors and shelves to create an area for food bowls. Hiding a food storage bin within a pull open drawer also keeps the food out of the way and out of site. Having the bowls tucked in under the countertop keeps them off the floor and out of the way of your feet.

Another great solution for pet food storage is to install pull out drawers with a lip around the perimeter. This type of pull out shelf is excellent for the storage of canned food in the cupboard. The lip ensures that the cans will not fly off of the shelf when the drawer is opened.

Perhaps you are one of those people who shares an enormous amount of time in the kitchen, creating a comfortable resting spot for your furry companion under a sink is a great idea. This open area can be furnished with comfortable bedding so that your pet can hang out with you all day in comfort.

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