5 Best Energy Saving Appliances

It is no secret that our appliances are major energy consumers in the home. When we know that we are investing in energy-efficiency appliances, we can confidently save money while also getting the most out of every dollar that we spend to make life more convenient. Additionally, efficient appliances in the home allow us to be more friendly towards the environment around us. Explore the top, energy-efficient products found below in order to unlock the potential of your home and budget.

Standalone_1175X1290Washing Dishes

The dishwasher is a notorious consumer of energy and hot water. Lessen the drain on your resources by investing in the Whirlpool Gold with Sensor Cycle. This unit has been proven to be effective in its performance as well, reducing stains on dishes by up to 35 percent. The design incorporates a number of unique features such as specialized settings that let you adjust for loads with large or small amounts of dishes. Another feature that benefits homeowners is the Top-Rack wash cycle. This setting allows users to wash only loads in the upper portion of the machine, saving time and energy that comes with putting together a full load.



Cleaning Clothesspin_prod_1252616812 (2)

The Kenmore Elite 4 is improving the technology designed for doing laundry by introducing a much smarter washing machine. This top-load washer features 14 different wash cycles and five separate temperature settings as well. It also features Smart-Motion Technology that allows users to choose among 6 types of washing motions. This Kenmore allows for 4.7-cubic feet of wash room that automatically heats water throughout the wash cycle in order to enhance the cleaning power.


shoppingKeeping Cool

The Kenmore Elite Side-By-Side fridge comes equipped with Genius Cool technology. The unique combination of features allows it to use two evaporators in order to cool the freezer and refrigerator separately. It is also able to keep vegetables fresher and crisper longer by absorbing the natural gases emitted by these products over time. Kenmore has also provided customers with SmartSense temperature management so that changes in internal temperatures are detected and compensated for so that you save energy and preserve food longer.



Now We Are CookingMCSA00636195_285274_CET366NS_def

The Thermador Electric Cook-top gives you the ability to combine elegant design with precise temperature controls. There are 17 individual power settings that compliment the fast, preheat setting. The stove top also incorporates a triple-element heating system that allows you to heat different types of cookware at various temperatures more efficiently. The bridge element in this appliance is also unique, allowing for users to adjust their settings based on the diameter of the cookware that they are using.


Quick and Easy

The microwave oven is a far cry from what it has been in the past. The Sharp R9 has improved on the efficiency of this machine by giving you a stainless-steel device that has over 10 power settings that accompany internal sensors for assessing the progress of certain types of foods. It is equipped to accommodate food and tableware that is up to 13 inches in diameter. The senor settings adjust the power output in order to offer you significant energy savings when used regularly.

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