Famous People, Famous Kitchens

Whether a home is famous because of it’s owner, or is simply a beautiful piece of architecture in it’s own right, famous homes have one thing in common. When it comes to their kitchens, they all have amazing spaces that add both functionality and beauty to their design. Here’s a brief look at some of the most famous homes in the US to show what makes their kitchens so spectacular.

Bruce Willis’ Home: In Hailey, Idaho, Bruce Willis owns a resort like home that listed for 13 million dollars in June of 2012. The kitchen reflects a high level of aesthetic consideration as well as a desire to have a fully functional kitchen for entertaining guests. This kitchen boasts multiple refrigerators and freezers, two dishwashers, a wine cooler and a Viking six-burner range with dual ovens. When combined with the deep oak cabinetry and under the counter lighting, the mix is a professional quality kitchen that is also inviting and elegant.

Katharine Hepburn’s Former Estate: This American icon’s former home is the picture of grace and beauty. Such a fitting tribute to it’s owner would not be complete without a kitchen to match. The kitchen is a mix of classic materials, such as marble counters and iron light fixtures, combined with country style white cabinetry. A fully functional range with a hood is embedded into this design, as well as an oversized wash basin and dining island.

Brad Pitt’s Malibu Home: The beach and ocean environment dominates the landscape in Malibu, and Brad Pitt’s kitchen incorporates that into the design. Stainless steel appliances and storage equipment is everywhere, giving t

he guest the feeling of an old diner from back in the day. However, modern appliances and decor abound, including a beautiful dining table and a walk in refrigerator and freezer. The most striking feature of the kitchen is certainly the upward opening wall that reveals a gorgeous beachfront view.

Taylor Swift’s House: In Nashville, Taylor Swift has created a kitchen that combines art and function. A striking copper hood offers both utility and a focal point for the design of the room. A marble backsplash, marble counter tops and a service island make up the majority of the kitchen space. This opens into a delicately designed dining area that seems to flow effortlessly from the white cabinets and marble into a traditional oak floor.

One thing is clear. When celebrities design their dream homes, they spare no expense when it comes to the kitchen. Not only are all of these kitchens beautiful in their own way, they reflect the style of their owners. They also serve all of the functional needs that a celebrity home owner would have in terms of food preparation and entertainment. The lesson here is that kitchens serve dual purpose in the design and performance of a home, and both need to be kept in mind when designing and improving the look and function of your own kitchen.

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