Feasting in the Fall

During the Thanksgiving season, you want to remember to be thankful but often you become so busy and stressed out with planning, cooking and entertaining that many forget to be grateful for the people, things and pets we have. There are a few ways ensure a stress free, memorable holiday – and give thanks!

First evaluate the spaces in the kitchen that no longer function well. For instance if your tile backsplash is no longer easy to clean, consider changing the tiles to some customized colorful or geometric shaped tiles that can handle messes.

Many kitchens have an area devoted to pads, pens, chargers and recipes, plus one drawer that holds clutter. This kitchen office area could benefit with a simple remodel in which its design allows a computer, cookbooks, etc. to be neatly stored behind cabinet doors (even electronic devices charge while stored).

Next determine how many guests you will entertain. Will you have enough furniture? Clean the inside of the refrigerator and coils. Consider kitchen appliances like the oven and microwave as they will get lots of use. If the oven has seen better days, you should consider the new M Series of ovens by Sub-zero Wolf. They offer designs that recognize the size, shape and quantity of food and it automatically regulates all of the features of cooking so food turns out perfect.

Also determine if you have enough cookware such as a large pot for boiling. Are the knives sharp enough? Do not forget the garbage disposal. Ensure it runs well by scraping clean its inside and pipes, then pour water down the drain after using it to keep it flowing. Also buy some extra basics like plastic bags and required spices.

Make your kitchen safe for children by storing household cleaners, matches, knives and cords in high cabinets or use child safety latches. Don’t forget your pet. Make sure their feeding bowl is stored to avoid accidents and keep food in stainless steel canisters. Consider having one area in the kitchen re-designed to accommodate their feeding and storage.

Remember to place aluminum foil inside baking pans for an easy cleanup. Also keep a larger plastic bin full of soapy water to store dishes in until you can clean them thoroughly.

Don’t miss out on enjoying Thanksgiving simply because your kitchen no longer functions well. Start some remodeling and make a few changes right now!

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