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Financing Your Project Through Cambria

Cambria is more than a brand of natural quartz surfaces for kitchens, bathrooms and other spaces. The company is actually rooted in almost 80 years of innovation within various business sectors, ranging from butter and cheese to exclusive sports lounges, a lifestyle magazine to the quartz for which they have become so widely known.

Cambria Heritage

The Cambria organization is family owned and operated. Everyone within the brand family is proud of this long standing heritage of family entrepreneurism and that shows in how customers are treated. Despite theirs being a global market with almost unlimited growth potential, the company prides itself on quality of the customer experience from start to finish.

Because they are natural entrepreneurs, the leaders of Cambria believe wholeheartedly in innovation and hard work. They believe in the hard work they put into their brands as much as they understand the hard work required for homeowners to achieve their own personal goals.

Product Financing for Lasting Home Value

Home renovation and construction are expensive. So Cambria has developed its own financing program to better enable affordability of quality Cambria quartz surfaces.

Because quality upgrades bring added value to each square foot, it was natural for the brand to create this program for home improvement. Through installation of Cambria quartz facilitated through Cambria’s internal financing program, customers have better access to the upgrades they desire, which in turn add monetary value to their biggest investment.

The Davis family who founded Cambria know what a little personal investment can achieve for the long run. Although they knew little about quartz when they first invested in their startup in the late 1990s, they knew a calculated risk would provide greater return in the future. They were exactly right, as Cambria is now an industry leader.

Finance By Cambria

Homeowners wanting to remodel their kitchen, bath or other areas using Cambria natural stone surfaces are able to access up to $55,000 in Cambria financing. This financing covers the surfaces as well as any associated remodel or construction costs, such as cabinets, hardware, fixtures and more. All of these costs can be bundled under one payment plan.

For easy repayment, Cambria provides convenient plans suited to the homeowner’s budget. Such plans offer short-term or long-term flexibility. The application process is secure and paperless, conducted by a retailer of Cambria products or through the company’s toll free number in under ten minutes. There are no associated application fees, closing costs or prepayment penalties. Financing can extend for up to ten years with equalized monthly payments at fixed interest.

Together, all of these benefits make financing through Cambria attractive for home remodeling projects. Even more attractive are the gleaming surfaces and increased home value gained through installation of Cambria surfaces.

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