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Fish Tale Grill by Merrick Seafood

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We want to start off first by saying thank you, to Patrick and Kerry Krieg, for giving us the chance to help with the renovation process on their new restaurant, Fish Tale Grill. After working with the Merrick Seafood team for about a year now, they have become more than clients and have really grown a friendship out of our experience with working with them, as well as a fond attraction to their new food items. Patrick and Kerry have started off on an adventure, opening a new dining experience for the seafood fanatics in Southwest Florida and what a spectacle they have created.

Merrick spent the first 6 months of 2013 renovating their existing space, putting a large outdoor deck area used for dining in the front of the building, adding an ordering station, which is a “J” style bar that is wildly unique, and implementing a very modern wall unit that displays beautiful artwork and serves as a service station for the servers. Kerry also implemented a kitchen in their existing seafood establishment which will be used for preparing all the mouthwatering items for Fish Tale Grill. Soon after the completion of this phase, it came to realization that this just wasn’t enough space to serve an abundance of customers, unfortunately.

     Patrick and Kerry came to the decision to expand, and acquired the entire property that their establishment was currently sharing. Construction began its impending course and the need for our company rose once again.

Kerry wanted unique, she wanted eclectic. She wanted to make, Fish Tale, a dining experience that was inviting and fun, but also carry a strong tone that was polished and classy. On this second phase of building, a large wall was knocked down to connect the existing space and the recently acquired space, opening up the restaurant and allowing for approximately 35 guests to be accommodated inside (around 50 on the exterior).  The interior is painted a dark blue, immediately eluding to the aquatic fantasy they have created, being supported by beautiful glass lighting which hangs from the ceiling, making the whole restaurant shimmer like a body of water. The walls are lined with fiberboard panels, carved out to take the appearance of waves, with one-off metal art work replicating sea life placed intrinsically throughout the restaurant. An interior electric fireplace hangs on the main wall, setting the entire mood for the restaurant. The bathrooms were also overhauled, and were beautifully tiled, carrying the same colors from the main dining room.

     The newest and possibly most exciting addition was their new bar as soon as you enter the dining room. It is a small bar, seating about 8 people, but it really packs a punch. We used a product that we like to term “bubble wall” on the exterior of the bar. The “bubble walls” consists of  acrylic panels, that are drilled hundreds of times to take the appearance of bubbles. We then had these panels framed out with LED-RGB lighting, which makes the panels glow and the bubbles are emphasized dramatically. We also incorporated two see-through waterfalls into the back of the bar that look outside the building, again supporting the aquatic theme.  A white louvered ceiling was also added above the bar giving it a seaside feel, that rounds the area off very well. The bar was then decked out in the latest appliances and an awesome tap that serves nearly freezing brewskis. We cant say enough about this bar area, as it is truly one of the most unique seen in town. A must see.

Cabinet Genies, really loves this restaurant, the amazing food it serves, and the people that we have grown a relationship with. We’re excited for the new season and the opportunity for even more people to see our work and the experience Fish Tale will offer. It is a great hang out spot, able to cater to anyone seeking to fulfill their seafood cravings in an urbane environment, without breaking their budget.

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