Top Five Home Design Trends in Florida

The American South has long been a force in home design trends that maximize comfort without sacrificing style, and fashionable Floridians are no exception. Minimalist design, outdoor living spaces, increased natural light, walk-in kitchen pantries and ultra-modern bathroom style are just a few home design trends catching on in the Sunshine State today. Read on to learn how to use these design techniques in your own home.

Less is More

In days gone by, ornate fireplaces, finely detailed wallpaper and fantastically ornamented light fixtures were staples of chic style. Today, Florida residents are keeping it simple with clean lines, tranquil color pallets and modest décor, all of which add an air of peaceful comfort to the home.

Open-Air Living

Located in a part of the country with pleasant year-round weather, it isn’t surprising that Floridians are embracing outdoor space in order to expand the squa

re footage of their homes. Open-air living rooms, complete with plush furniture for comfort, table lamps for ambiance and wet bars for entertaining are a great way to create additional living

space that can blend seamlessly with your interior décor and increase the home space your family can enjoy.

Let There Be Light

In follow-up to the popularity of open floor plans on first floors, residents of the Sunshine State are embracing another way to make kitchens, living rooms and dining areas appear brighter and larger: natural light. Floor length windows are trendy in kitchen design, and skylights add a superior quality of outdoor light to an indoor space.

Kitchen Storage

Thanks in part to popular reality shows, budget grocery shopping remains in vogue. Since this often means buying in bulk, Floridians are using their monthly grocery savings to splurge on functional and stylish walk-in kitchen pantries. Modern shelving and closet organization systems make these pantries a great investment for those looking to increase storage space and organizational efficiency in their kitchens.

Modern Bathroom Design

For many years, bathroom floors have been an afterthought for many homeowners, but they make a perfect blank canvass for Florida homeowners with an eye for style. Colorful tile accents, decorative pebble borders and intricate and precise designs are just a few of the ways that homeowners are getting more style currency out of the smallest room in the house.

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