Five Ways to Create a Kitchen/Family Room Combo

The kitchen has long been considered the heart and hub of the home. It makes sense that large, open kitchens with attached living areas are becoming more popular. After all, who wants to be isolated from conversation and family activities just to prepare a meal?

For many families, blowing out walls and tearing a kitchen down to the studs is not a possibility. There are other ways, however, to achieve a more open and functional space for family and friends to enjoy.

Here are five suggestions to transform your kitchen into a more comfortable family space without a major remodel.

Rethink the Kitchen Table

Meals around the kitchen table are wonderful, but why not mix it up? Instead of matching wooden chairs, bring in more comfortable upholstered pieces and pillows. A loveseat or bench are great options to make a space more cozy.

Camouflage Major Appliances

Another way to blur the line between kitchen and family room is to disguise the refrigerator. Panels that match the cabinetry make appliances look more like furniture. Try concealing a pantry behind sliding barn doors or turning an ugly refrigerator into “activity central” with chalkboard paint.


Change the Flooring

With the choices available today, there is no reason for the kitchen floor to be boring or different. Unify kitchen and living areas by running the same flooring and wall colors throughout. Up the ante even more by using decorative rods, draperies, and art work to dress the space as a whole.

Add a Desk, Island or Counter

Does the family need a space to grab quick meals, do homework or pay a few bills? If so, consider adding a desk, island or extended counter space. With enough counter space for meals, the rest of the room is available for lounging, games or TV.

Make the Most of Existing Cabinetry

Clear counters and gain storage by retrofitting existing cabinets with organizers. Specialty storage solutions like slide-out shelves and spice racks assure that every inch of space is utilized to its fullest. For the most family space, consider a pull-out table that completely disappears into the cabinetry.

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