From Classic to Modern: The Kitchen That is Right for You

A beautiful home deserves a beautiful kitchen. No matter what type of home you have, newly built or older, the kitchen is the heartbeat of it. Making that space fit perfectly depends on your taste and sense of style. There are many kitchen styles to choose from, but the most popular choices you will find are Traditional, Contemporary and Transitional designs. These designs are simple to produce and leave a lasting impression on everyone that enters. Below we have covered some of the basics of these styles to help you decide which one fits you and your home the best.

Traditional Kitchen Design

If you enjoy the feel and look of Victorian and Farmhouse style kitchens, a traditional kitchen design will fit you perfectly. These kitchens highlight solid wood cabinets and historic design qualities. The counter spaces in traditional kitchens are made from wood or stone. An attractive feature of these kitchens is the islands that match the cabinet’s design and give an antique appeal to the room. Classic moldings, beams and archways make this design much desired in older homes. Anyone who appreciates a classic and historic feel in his or her home will enjoy having this type of kitchen design.

Contemporary Kitchen Design

For those who enjoy lots of open room in their kitchens, a contemporary design will suit them best. Contemporary designs take advantage of the available space with high cabinets and plenty of drawers that slide out. A unique feature of this style is the glass doors for the cabinets above range hoods or backsplashes. Bold colors work well in these kitchens. People that are fond of stainless steel appliances find contemporary kitchens more their style and appreciate how accessories are kept out of view for a clean aesthetic look.

Transitional Kitchen Design

Transitional kitchens provide a blend of both traditional and contemporary designs. The configurations in these kitchens use a mix of natural and synthetic materials for countertops and cabinets. Contemporary kitchens mix the sleek look of the cabinets and storage space with the historic and warm feel of traditional kitchens. Many people who describe themselves as creative or eclectic will enjoy this fusion of styles best.

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