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Galley Sinks: Reinventing Your Kitchen

Mention the words “galley kitchen,” and generally, only one vision comes to mind: a small, cramped space to prepare food in. Sometimes, it’s hardly big enough for even two people to share at the same time.

However, thanks to dedicated companies, such as The Galley, homeowners, or apartment dwellers. They can virtually reinvent their kitchen making it customized to their individual preferences and needs. Hand-crafted and inspected in the United States, Galley Workstation® offers cutting-edge kitchen designs for making your galley kitchen, well, more of a kitchen.

Galley Sinks: What The Galley Does

Using the finest, quality materials available, The Galley sinks let you choose from several unique Galley Workstation® styles. Therefore, you can choose according to what you really want to see in your kitchen and food preparation area.

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Gets Rid Of Unused, Wasted Space

Maybe, no one realizes how much space a cutting board takes up in a kitchen except the kitchen designers at The Galley. That said, special designs are styled to eliminate unnecessary space and install functional, unique systems that let you do what you want to do–as you like to do it.

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Versatility: A Perfect Balance Between Beauty and Function

The design experts at The Galley know that kitchens are where families and individuals typically spend up to three years of their lives; moreover, they need to have everything within reach and comfortably setup–especially the sink areas.

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Reinvent Your Kitchen by Using Galley Sinks

Use The Galley sinks anywhere or for just about any purpose: in large kitchens areas as secondary prep sinks or in a small kitchen area as a primary prep sink. In addition, you can even use them as a separate clean-up sink in other areas of the house. The galley sinks can be used as a bar area, laundry room, entertainment area, game room or even a garden station. Wherever you need an attractive, sink area, you’ll have it with The Galley sinks.

Your Custom-Made Signature Design

Whether you need a small sink or a larger sink, this Galley Workstation® comes smartly equipped with a 5-piece Culinary Kit or 10-Piece Culinary Kit for larger sink configurations. Depending on the style and size ordered, the culinary kit includes:

  • Upper-tier Cutting Board 13″ x 18″
  • Upper-tier Drain Rack 13″ x 18″
  • 7.2qt 11” Colander with non-slip handles and feet
  • 7.2qt 11” Bowl with lid and non-slip bottom
  • Lower-tier Platform 13″ x 17″
  • A large selection of latest styled designed accessories are also available on request

Naturally, our clients decide for themselves whether they want their Galley Workstation® sink area in a white resin, black resin or elegant Bamboo custom hand-crafted finish for superior wear and easy maintenance.

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