Getting Your Powder Room Ready for the Holidays

It’s no secret that the holidays bring guests to your home – sometimes too many to be incredibly comfortable. This is especially true in smaller homes. While having ample seating and a place for coffee and morning juice pouring to happen are good, having a good bathroom (or powder room) is an essential part of the holidays. This room is often forgotten, but the holidays make the room a piece of the home that cannot be afforded to be neglected.To start, having a well placed mirror will help guests. If you’re tall, but most of your guests are short, consider directing them to a powder room with a lower mirror than yours. The same applies for the reverse situation. This allows your guests to see themselves clearly to be able to reapply make-up, shave, etc. Even if your guests prefer to use a hand mirror or standing mirror, a good mirror in the powder room is essential.

Another thing to keep in mind is how much storage you have in the powder room. While storage under the vanity is a good thing, it may not be enough when it comes to the holidays. Finding more ways to store necessary items in the powder room – such as towels, toilet paper, and even single use toiletries – might be worth looking into. Keeping these in stock and on hand will help keep your guests feeling like they’re at home and welcome. It may also help keep unnecessary interruptions of other activities low due to needing a towel, toilet paper, etc. Consider keeping pads and tampons in a special, easy to access place in the powder room as well, just in case female guests need them.

Ample counter space may not sound like something you’d need in a powder room, but it is. With multiple guests coming over, they may have some items they’d prefer to leave on the powder room counter. Toiletry bags can take up a lot of space on smaller counters, and it can be difficult for guests to break their habits. This also gives guests a place to put their wallets, keys, etc. when they are in the powder room. A small table could also be used for wallets and keys – pocket things – instead of the counter, but that brings its own challenges.

Lighting is the final thing you want to pay attention to in a powder room. The powder room should be thought of as an extension of the main party area – whether that’s the dining room or living room. As such, the lighting should be layered and reflect the mood of the rest of the event. A dimmer switch could help if a guest needs more light than another.

The powder room is such an interesting room, no matter how small. Keeping these small tips in mind is a good way to make sure that the powder room stays up to date.

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