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Glass Tile Made for Your Kitchen

The installation of mosaic kitchen glass tiles has become a growing trend particularly with the availability of money accumulated from employment, home equity, and other investments. According to, home sales in Cape Coral have been made with cash. This has created great opportunities for homeowners to upgrade their homes and for companies like Glass Tile Studio to supply kitchen tile orders. Homeowners in Southwest Florida especially those residing in Cape Coral have been catching on to this home improvement trend because of the positive housing price forecasts and sales.

Why Upgrade Your Kitchen?There are several reasons why you should consider upgrading your kitchen. Although you may not see an immediate need to do so, there may be a good chance that you will be able to generate a significant return on your investment by doing so. For example, if you’re thinking about selling your home, upgrading your kitchen will add value which will contribute to the sale price. It is expected that the housing market prices in Cape Coral will increased by 3% over the next two years from the 76% margin cited in 2013. This suggests that homes with quality amenities will be very attractive to prospective home buyers. However, homeowners who prefer to invest in their property over a longer term will gain the most from their continual home improvement projects.What Glass Tile Studio Offers

The staff at Glass Tile Studio understands how difficult it can be when making decisions regarding kitchen upgrades especially when there are a lot of factors to consider such as colors, sizes, and prices. Despite the frustration you may encounter, Glass Tile Studio can help you get started by providing assistance from a design consultant or you may use the Glass Tile Studio Tile Designer software program. This tool allows you to custom design your kitchen tile project. You’ll have access to an array of colors and design templates. As a result, you’ll have the flexibility you need to take your time designing your project until you’re completely satisfied. When you utilize this option you can immediately visualize the final outcome of your project. The Tile Designer provides:

  • Easy system navigation – The design templates, patterns, and search tools are user friendly. Blending options and 50 layouts are also available.
  • Design storage – Once you have completed the development of your tile design project, you can save your work until you’re ready to place the order.
  • Fast delivery – After submitting your order, your tiles will be shipped to you within five business days.

Your Kitchen Glass Tile Specialist

When you order glass tiles from the Glass Tile Studio, you can be confident that you will be purchasing high quality tiles that are hand crafted by some of New York’s finest artists. If you’re looking for professional customer service, unique tile designs, and quick order fulfillment, Glass Tile Studio is the place to call.

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