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Glazes: A New Layer of Life

People tend shy away from renovating kitchens and bathrooms because they are under the impression that it will require completely replacing the cabinets and doors in the room. Homeowners should not fear making a change to these critical areas of the home due to the fact that the cabinets can take on a whole new dimensions and appeal simply by glazing them. The process is easy and inexpensive. With a little direction, most people do not even find it necessary to bring in professionals to get the job done. The glazing process can accommodate a variety of finishes, motifs, and shades, making a total makeover of the kitchen or bath a fun and exciting proposition. In addition to refreshing the space, a perfectly selected and executed glaze can raise the value of the home a considerable amount.

Instantly updating old cabinets with a new glaze starts by choosing the proper stain or paint. There are plenty of acrylic-based products in existence that will do the job. However, oil-based stains and paints will last much longer and result in a glaze that has a much deeper luster. With your stain in hand, cover the surrounding counter tops and floors with cloth to catch any drips. The glaze that you will be using is essentially a paint mixed with a high degree of solvent in order to achieve the transparent, tinted finish. If you are mixing up a glaze yourself, then you want to have a ratio of one part paint to every four parts of water for acrylic products and one part paint to every three parts of solvent for oil-based products.

Pinstripe glazes involve wiping away more glaze from certain areas of the door or cabinet surface than others. This technique allows for highlighting the most beautiful aspects of the wood grain. Where the lovely patterns of the natural materials may have been dull before, a pinstripe glaze accents and gives the wood a new sense of vibrancy. Fully-wiped glazes will do less to highlight particular aspects of the wood but rather accent the doors and cabinets themselves. Fully-wiping each glazed layer creates a more uniform appearance of tints and shades than that which can be achieved through the pinstripe method.

Glazes have unlimited potential when it comes to adding beauty and character to any door or cabinet. Deep cherry or oak glazes applied uniformly can add a touch of sophistication while lighter tints and pinstripe glazes can make a room seem to breathe more easily. The degree of change that your glaze will bring to the feel of the room is completely in your hands.

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