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Home Remodeling Trends: Gold Cabinet Hardware

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The trend of gold cabinet hardware is coming back into style. But this time there is a twist on that brassy tone from the 1980’s. Also, when today’s other trends are incorporated, the gold-toned hardware can turn a cabinet knob into a work of art or the centerpiece of the room. To get a better understanding of all the home remodeling trends for gold cabinet hardware that are out there, keep reading.

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Byzantine style gold hardware for furniture includes jewelry stones

Every decade has several different types of home remodeling trends, and, in addition to the gold tones, there is a current lean toward an Art Nouveau take on Byzantine classics. For example, cabinet knobs may have a base made from rose-toned gold-colored metal. Furthermore, which is highly polished and set with a mosaic of semi-precious stones. The effect is usually based around tiling or nature, and the gold tone can also have a brushed or matte affect. Other ideas in this category are gold-toned knobs that are set with mother of pearl to create floral designs. Popular description words associated with the latest gold-toned furniture hardware are bone inlay, pearlescent, opaline, Limoges porcelain, crystal and ceramic.

Victorian Era glass dominated gold-toned hardware

Another popular home remodel trend that includes gold-toned cabinet hardware are Victorian Era knobs. For example, the dimpled glass globe and octagon crystal knobs are back. But this time around, it includes pastel colors on a brushed gold base. A cabinet style that is fairly new are the rectangular crystal draw pulls in gold with knobs in opaque glass that resemble milky quartz or agate. Adding to this, there is a style of knob that is actually composed of a post, a bead, and a top plate that is lacy like a metal doily. The end result looks like an earring or cuff link and may resemble a floral design.

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Cool tones, but gold cabinet hardware instead of silver

While many of the newer design styles in furniture hardware are fairly ornate, there are also several simple designs. Such designs include knobs with gold posts and large pieces of glass in geometric shapes. Regardless, there are some interesting changes that stand out from the same trend in the 1990’s. For example, large pieces of colored glass that are buffed to resemble beach glass is currently popular in a number of geometric shapes. But the hardware included tends to be gold-toned instead of silver. This is interesting because the glass colors popular right now might be cool tones such as greens and turquoise blues. But the cabinet hardware matched with them for knobs or pulls is a warm gold.

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Add more hand-painted gold letters or animals to your furniture

In conclusion, aother trend that involves gold furniture hardware is painted ceramic knobs. In addition to plain designs that are geometric, there is a strong trend toward animals instead of flowers. Common wildlife found on these knobs include birds, cats, chickens, dogs, squirrels, butterflies and foxes. Finally, an emerging home remodeling trend includes a ceramic knob on a gold post with handwritten words, numbers or letters in gold on the ceramic knob.

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