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Hot Colors in 2014 for a Cool Kitchen

The kitchen has become a bustling center of activity in almost every modern home. As this trend continues, trends of white or neutral colors in kitchen décor are on their way out. In their place in a trend of adding warm or vibrant colors to add interest to the space. People want to spend time here, and while spending time in a room, they want something pleasant and interesting to look at.

Why Color the Kitchen

Most kitchen appliances are white, black or metallic in color. This year, home designers are seeing an increase in splashes of color to add interest to otherwise boring kitchen areas. Bright colors on a backsplash draw the eye up. Since wall space tends to be minimal in kitchens, most homeowners can safely use a bold color palette to brighten it up.

Trendy Colors

Warm hues are particularly popular in kitchens this year. various shades of yellow and red as well as pale orange have come into vogue. Unique color mash ups like Provence green accented by shades of pink are also making a splash. Consumers tend to be avoiding overdone color combinations that include Tuscan orange and other colors more commonly found at restaurants and in other commercial settings.

Striking Modern Combinations

Green might be the most popular color for the kitchen this year, but it isn’t standing alone. Pairing green and yellow hues traditionally found in kitchens with cheerful pink highlights. Another youthful look involves pairing lime green or another bright shade with chocolate brown. Sophisticated deep purple hues are also finding their way into the kitchen paired with cool grays, pale yellows or burnt orange.

Ways to Add Color

There are several easy ways to update your kitchen with fresh colors. Ceramic tiles in trendy new colors can be integrated into a beautiful backsplash. Adding paint to a single wall offers a way to warm up kitchen space quickly and affordably. Homeowners can also add color and interest with colorful lighting options. For a bold splash of color, consider painting the base of an island or bar in a color that complements your kitchen décor.

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