Hottest Appliance Trends of 2013

     The kitchen is often described as the heart of the home. Designing a functional, trendy kitchen can make this all-important room the most efficient and trendiest space in the house. Today’s conscious consumers are looking for smart and functional kitchen solutions that are built to withstand long-term use. New technologies and food preparation methods have paved the way for some exciting new trends in kitchen design.

Today’s kitchen is all about streamlining. Built-in appliances are increasingly popular in kitchen designs. Refrigerators, ovens, coffee machines and more can be built in to create a sleek, unified look. Built-in stainless steel appliances give a polished, modern appearance to the kitchen or the appliances can be concealed behind panels or doors that complement and fit in with the kitchen’s design.

With built-in appliances becoming the norm, one of the newest trends in kitchen design is the use of wood panels or doors to conceal appliances, giving them the appearance of a piece of furniture. The doors or panels can be opened while the appliance is in use and closed to conceal the appliances when the food preparation is complete. This practice makes the kitchen feel more like a living space than a work area and works well with the open floor plans that are so popular in today’s homes.

Another hot must-have in the modern kitchen is an oven that serves multiple purposes. New trends in food preparation employ a variety of cooking methods, so an oven that can accommodate more than one method is a tool much coveted by the modern cook. Ovens with multiple capabilities or separate spaces for traditional, convection, steam and other methods make a practical and functional kitchen investment.If a multi-use oven doesn’t fit the bill, homeowners may opt for two single ovens built in side by side. Two single ovens are increasing in popularity due to the convenience of having an extra unit available if one needs repair and having two units at the same height for ease of use. This type of installation fits perfectly into a modern kitchen design.

Appliances with gourmet features also sit near the top of the wish list for today’s home chef. Cooktops with thermal power to ensure consistent, even cooking and gas ranges sporting one electric burner to provide options offer convenience and versatility for the modern cook. Spacious refrigerators with adequate temperature-controlled departments offer ample room for fresh ingredients, dairy, meats and other necessities. Pull-out refrigeration units installed under countertops provide additional cold storage when preparing for larger groups.

Beverage centers are also becoming more common in home kitchens. While wine coolers have been around for awhile, newer beverage centers store beer, wine, mixers, sodas and other drink options. Built-in coffee machines are also available and offer a variety of hot beverage options. A beverage center is a delightful addition to the kitchen for entertaining.

With the ever-increasing variety of options available, homeowners can customer their kitchens to fit their individual needs and preferences. Functional and attractive choices abound, making it easier than ever to show off personal style in the kitchen.

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