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Hottest Outdoor Trends of 2014

Bringing the indoors out is one of the best ways to expand living space today. In 2014, homeowners and decorators are bringing hot, new innovations to this popular trend. What are the hottest new ways to decorate and enjoy your own outdoor living space?

1. Add Interest with Water Elements

Fountains and pools add tranquility and ambience to an outdoor living space. Some homeowners are even installing new swimming pools or spas to add value and usability to these spaces.

2. Landscape with Edibles

Homeowners are becoming more earth-friendly than ever. Many people have begun incorporating vegetable gardens, vineyards and orchards into their outdoor spaces. These types of plants provide food as well as ground cover and even shade, all of which benefit the homeowners and the environment.

3. Use of Native Plants

In addition to landscaping with food-growing plants, many homeowners are beginning to incorporate native plant life and drought-resistant vegetation into their outdoor spaces. For better looking lawns and gardens that are also earth-friendly, many people are also installing drip irrigation systems and other efficient watering devices.

4. Comfortable Seating Areas

More and more people are entertaining outdoors. Beautiful seating areas for guests to relax over dinner or conversation are important to most homeowners. Durable outdoor furniture makes this a possibility.

5.Vibrant Color and Patterns

This year, the trend of bold, geometric patterns and bright colors remain popular in outdoor decoration. Colorful furniture for the deck and pool have become extremely popular. For a quick, affordable upgrade to existing outdoor furniture, homeowners can add bright pillows featuring geometrical designs. Floral and tropical patterns have fallen out of vogue to some extent, but tribal themes still add interest and dimension, especially when artistically placed around a firepit.

6. Grills

Outdoor living, like indoor living, often centers around food and drink. Most homeowners with outdoor space enjoy using a grill for food preparation. Many people are using the produce from their garden in recipes prepared on the grill. This fun, new trend offers great flavors from the grill and can also keep indoor energy bills lower in the summertime.

Infusing the outdoors with a little fun and excitement doesn’t require a lot of time or money. Try incorporating a few of these new trends in your outdoor areas this coming season.

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