How to creatively utilize the vacant spaces of your bathroom

That old, luxurious and spacious bathrooms are still a castle dream for most of us. Most of us are living in flats or the urbanised buildings and homes; that is the reason we cannot make the one masterpiece bathroom in few meters of standard city flats. To fulfil our dreams for having a relaxing and recuperate experience, Cabinet Genies has taken an initiative to share few useful homely ideas that you can follow to make your wash-room fully equipped yet decorative.

By following some of these simple tips and choosing the best products that come in affordable rates, can make a small space of your compact bathroom into an exotic & luxurious remake. So, without waiting for too long just get your nerves ready for a change in your bathroom.

  1. Tile up the bathroom with soothing colours

It is good to use the pale colours for the bathroom tiles as options to provide your bathroom walls an elegant look. Secondly, you must keep the colour shades in a uniform manner as much as possible for a decent look. This technique will help to expand the visibility of the bathroom space, and it will look spacious. 

  1. Provide natural exposure to the light

Use the intensity of natural light as possible as you can, because it is the best way to make your bathroom appear soothing and large as possible in space. Avoid using dark and heavy window blinds or covers, instead of it use bright colours for them. The most important tip is to use the white light over traditional yellow lights as it also saves the energy. 

  1. Making perfect contrast with wash basin and sanitary fixtures

Picking up the right match of the sanitary fixture to your bathroom saves the extra inches and adds it to your space. The wise choice is to pick up the compact and wall mounted fixtures, and same could be done by installing cabinets beneath the wash basin. 

  1. Smart Use of mirrors

It is not so common to utilize the properties of the mirror in an intelligent way. However, this could be an excellent strategy to make your bathroom bright and spacious. By using the clever mirror positions or just fitting the light on upside the mirror is one of the gr8 ideas for making a comfortable bathroom experience.

By following all these tips to make your bathroom extra spacious and large, will change your bathroom style and make it more lively and refreshing.

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